Grapevine Motorcycle Helmet Laws

Riding a motorcycle can be a memorable experience for many people. Avid riders love getting out on the open roads as much as possible. Unfortunately, these vehicles can be incredibly dangerous for riders when they are involved in a crash.

Motorcycle helmets are the most effective safety precaution riders can take to protect themselves from suffering severe and life-altering injuries or death. However, Texas is one of the three states in the country that do not require motorcyclists to wear helmets when they ride. Call a Grapevine motorcycle helmet laws attorney to learn more. A skilled motorcycle crash lawyer could explain helmet laws and

How Wearing a Motorcycle Helmet Can Save Lives

Many motorcyclists assume that helmets put a damper on the freedom they get from riding. Likewise, wearing a helmet in this state is a personal decision as long as the rider meets the statute’s guidelines for an exemption. However, it is essential to consider the countless benefits wearing a helmet offers.

Riders must also understand that manufacturers do not create all helmets in the same way, meaning this safety gear does not provide the same benefits. Wearing an approved safety helmet while riding a motorcycle significantly reduces the risk of life-threatening injuries. Helmets are also beneficial for the following reasons:

  • Noise and wind reduction
  • Protection from rain, snow, or other inclement weather
  • Ensuring the driver has a clear view
  • Protection from flying rocks, bugs, and other objects

Motorcycle riders are inherently more vulnerable to severe damages and losses in collisions. Riders wearing helmets are roughly 50% less likely to suffer fatal injuries in a crash. Speak to a seasoned lawyer in Grapevine to learn more about the benefits of motorcycle helmets.

State Motorcycle Helmet Safety Laws

The Texas Department of Transportation encourages every motorcycle rider and passenger to wear head protection. While wearing head protection is not a requirement in Texas, some individuals are obligated to under state law.

For example, according to the Texas Transportation Code § 661.003, anyone under 21 years old must wear state-approved bike safety head protection while operating or riding on motorcycles. Safety laws also require riders over 21 to wear a helmet if they:

  • Have not completed a state-approved motorcycle operator training safety course
  • Do not carry a health insurance plan that would provide them medical benefits for accident-related injuries

State traffic laws also prohibit police officers in Grapevine from completing traffic stops to find out if riders meet the exemption guidelines simply because they are not wearing helmets. Speak with a knowledgeable attorney about helmet laws to learn more about exemptions for riders.

Reach out to a Skilled Grapevine Attorney About Motorcycle Helmet Laws Today

Wearing a helmet is the most reliable safety precaution you can take when riding a motorcycle. While this safety gear may change some people’s experience of riding a bike, it could also save countless lives and prevent debilitating injuries. That said, state laws exempt certain people from helmet requirements. Likewise, state laws prohibit traffic stops solely to check the driver’s exemption status.

If you are a rider out on the open roads without a helmet, you have the same rights and responsibilities as other motorists. Schedule a meeting with a Grapevine motorcycle helmet laws lawyer to learn more.