Grapevine Motorcycle Traffic Laws

Motorcycle riders have the same rights as other motorists in this state. Likewise, motorcyclists must also follow the traffic laws as other drivers to keep themselves safe while out on busy roads.

Unfortunately, when riders fail to follow state traffic regulations and cause collisions, they could be held liable for any resulting damages. However, when another motorist causes a crash, the rider has every right to expect them to pay for the damages they caused. To learn more about Grapevine motorcycle traffic laws, call a dedicated crash attorney today.

Motorcycle Traffic Safety Laws

Accidents are often particularly severe for motorcycle riders, making following safety laws critical. Important motorcycle safety laws include:

Motorcycle Operation License

All motorcycle and motorscooter operators must have a class M driver’s license in this state. Riders can attend a safety course and obtain a permit from the Department of Motor Vehicles.

Bike Inspections

Like other motor vehicles, motorcycles must pass a yearly safety inspection. After the bike passes the state inspection process, riders will receive a certificate to place on the back license plate.

Insurance Coverage

Motorcycle riders must show proof of insurance coverage to receive a class m driver’s license or register the vehicle. While riders should carry full insurance coverage, there are minimum amounts of liability insurance coverage the law requires them to maintain. The minimum requirements for insurance coverage include the following:

  • Bodily injury liability coverage of $30,000 per individual
  • Bodily injury liability coverage of $60,000 per person
  • Property damage liability coverage of $25,000

A seasoned attorney in Grapevine could answer questions on motorcycle traffic laws and insurance requirements during a private meeting.

Passenger Laws

Young kids under five years old cannot ride on the back of a motorcycle. However, if the bike has a side carriage, they can ride there. Passengers 21 years old and younger must wear helmets when riding as passengers on motorcycles.

The Helmet Laws in Texas

While state traffic laws do not require many riders to wear a helmet in this state, wearing head protection could help avoid severe and life-threatening injuries in a crash. The Texas Department of Transportation and the statute do enforce helmets. However, they can ride there if the bike has a side carriage. Thus, many ride without helmets and other safety equipment for protection.

Traffic Regulations for Roads with Lanes

Lane splitting occurs when a motorcycle operator rides on the lines separating two lanes of motor vehicles, moving in the same direction to pass other cars. Riders often lane split in slow-moving or stopped traffic. Under the Texas Transportation Code Section § 545.060, it is illegal for riders to travel in the middle of two lanes to pass in this state. After reviewing an injured person’s case, a knowledgeable attorney could demand appropriate compensation for an accident victim in Grapevine.

Meet With a Skilled Grapevine Attorney About Motorcycle Traffic Laws

Motorcycles offer riders freedom on open roads. However, failing to follow safety regulations can be hazardous for the rider.

Even so, a rider can follow every law and safety rule and still get in an accident because of a negligent motorist. When a careless or reckless motorist causes you to crash, you could be eligible to collect compensation. Call a Grapevine motorcycle traffic laws lawyer if you have questions or need help with a case.