Evidence in Irving Truck Accident Cases

Trucking crashes are some of the most dangerous crashes on the road, often resulting in devastating injuries, excruciating pain, and astronomical medical expenses. The last thing you should worry about after a horrifying collision like this is the type of evidence you need to claim compensation for your losses.

If you want to be able to bring a successful injury claim, you need to gather evidence in your Irving truck accident case. A diligent semi wreck attorney could help you understand what evidence is needed in a case like yours and how to create a strong claim against the negligent party.

Police Reports in a Rig Collision

Following a semi wreck, the plaintiff should contact the local authorities immediately. This is not only the fastest way to alert medical personnel and the police of the accident, but it is also the quickest way to get the event on record.

Once the police arrive, they can investigate the crash and write down their findings in their report. If the individual decides to bring an Irving legal claim following the 18-wheeler wreck, this report can provide them with valuable details and evidence regarding what happened.

Photos and Videos of the Crash Scene

If the injured individual does not require emergency medical treatment after the collision, they should try to collect as much evidence from the Irving semi collision scene as possible. This evidence should include photos and videos of:

  • The vehicles involved
  • Where the vehicles landed (final positions)
  • Their visible injuries
  • Skid marks on the street
  • Traffic signals near the area
  • The weather conditions

The plaintiff should also try to take pictures of anything else that can help show what happened or who was at fault for the incident.

Witness Information in Irving

If anyone witnessed the crash, the plaintiff should get their details, including their names and phone numbers. These individuals can often provide the injured individual and their Irving attorney with valuable information and evidence regarding the rig collision and help substantiate their claim. For example, if someone witnessed a 18-wheeler operator looking down instead of at the road and hitting into the back of a car, this could be evidence in a settlement or trial in proving the trucker was texting on their phone.

Driver Details

Following the Irving semi wreck, the injured person should try to exchange information with all those involved, including names, insurance information, contact details, and driver’s license numbers. However, as they exchange these details, they need to be careful of what they say.

It is important to avoid making any definitive statements about the incident, apologizing for what happened, or accepting the blame for what occurred.  These types of comments can hurt their claim and the amount of money they can receive.

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