Settling An Irving Truck Accident Case

When a person or family is injured in a truck accident, they have the right to hold the negligent party accountable for their injuries. During this time, the other’s party’s lawyer or their insurance company may use tactics to delay or offer the claimant a settlement which is lower than the value of the case. The insurance company could trick the client into signing a full release, then they try to deny liability, delay the claim, and then after that, they try to defend it. So it is a difficult task negotiating with the insurance carrier. Fortunately, an experienced truck accident attorney could help. Speak to a trained legal professional about your options for settling an Irving truck accident case.

What Should The Injured Person Take Into Account When Considering a Settlement?

A settlement is a guaranteed amount. The insurance provider is usually going to prefer to pay a settlement for the client’s agreement not to pursue a lawsuit. It saves cost, but if the insurance company does not want to play fairly, then a trial might be the only way to go. If they opt to take the case to trial, there’s always a risk of getting nothing if they lose. Settlement is a compromise.

The Length Of Time To Receive A Settlement

The length of time to receive a settlement may vary depending on the nature and circumstances of a case. Each case is a little different, but many cases average between six months to two years. Some cases may be quicker, and others can take longer.

How Can This Process Be Expedited?

It can be expedited by taking a lowball settlement offer right when the insurance company offers it. That is not necessarily in the injured claimant’s best interest to get them the justice they deserve. If they want full justice, then they need to listen to their attorney, make their medical appointments, and get all the documents that the attorney request in a timely fashion, and respond to the attorney’s correspondence in a timely fashion in order to expedite a good settlement.

How Can These Issues Delay Someone Receiving Their Settlement?

One of the primary things that the insurance carrier tries to do is they try to delay it. The insurance company will delay a settlement and attempt to run the statute of limitations out, and the injured party may lose an opportunity to bring their claim. The injured claimant’s attorney is responsible for pushing the case and trying to expedite it.

What Is Personal Injury Protection?

Personal injury protection (PIP) is known as no-fault insurance. It is a component of automobile insurance policies that covers the health care expenses and lost wages associated with an accident regarding their car even if they are at fault. PIP covers medical expenses and lost wages for both injured policyholders as well as passengers.

In Texas, they usually come in increments of 2,500, 5,000, 10,000. That is per passenger, so if they have for people injured in a car wreck and they have a $10,000 PIP coverage on their policy, then that would be $40,000 in personal injury protection benefits for the occupants of that vehicle.

Hire a Truck Accident Attorney in Irving to Settle a Case

Truck wrecks are just more complex than regular motor vehicle cases because there are so many parties that can be involved. It could be the driver, the person that leased the truck, it could be the truck owner, it could be the person who loaded the freight, it could be the actual company.

There are so many entities that could be at fault in a truck wreck, so it is important to gather crucial evidence early on in the case. This includes getting the black box downloaded from the trucks, as well as potentially getting a crash scene investigator out to where the crash happened in order to work up the case. A skilled truck accident attorney could gather the necessary evidence and help prove your case. Schedule a consultation today to learn about settling an Irving truck accident case.