Understanding Elements in an Irving Jackknife Truck Accident Case

A jackknife truck accident occurs when a truck operator loses control of both the trailer and their rig. These accidents involve the rig turning inward towards the trailer and causing the vehicle to fold up similar to a folding knife. Not only can they strike other vehicles in its path, but they can also block multiple lanes of traffic once it comes to a rest. Not only could they cause massive damage in the actual act of jackknifing, once they come to a rest, it could be the potential cause of a massive pileup.

If you were injured in a jackknife collision, a skilled attorney could help. A lawyer could help you understand the various elements in an Irving jackknife truck accident case.

How a Collision Could Occur

Most often it is the result of an unexpected drastic downward adjustment in speed. It could be because the driver was late in realizing a need for sudden braking, which would stop the calves’ movement, but produces momentum which propels the trailer sideways in an extremely dangerous manner.

Can Wide Turns Cause a Jackknife Crash?

18-wheelers just require more groundwork to maneuver. They have to swing wide to make those 90 degree turns. They can certainly start to turn from the second lane from the left instead of making that wide right turn lane that would prevent them from swinging wide, but that could potentially be taking up two lanes there. So the fact is that they just need more room and other motorists need to be aware of that.

Dangerous Road Conditions

Slick roads are more likely to lead to a truck jackknife like rain, snow or ice.

Wet roads make it more likely for a truck to jackknife just because the traction is not there. A skilled attorney could review the facts of the case including the weather reports before, during, and after a collision to held prove liability.

Mechanical Errors

Often, many jackknife collisions occur due to mechanical failures. Under the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), which governs trucks, are mandated to inspect and maintain their vehicles and repair them as well. Prior to getting in the truck and taking off, the driver is to do a visual look around and just to make sure, at least, that their tires are the proper tread and depth. But maintenance should be done regularly to make sure that the braking system is functioning in its proper order.

What Happens If The Crash Was Not Foreseeable Or Preventable By The Parties Involved?

In some situations, the defense may argue that the accident was not foreseeable or preventable. However, it is the job of the injured claimant’s attorney to make an argument in the opposite direction. An attorney will try to argue that it was foreseeable and preventable. This means the claimant’s attorney will try to establish that the liability was on the other party. The injured party should reach out to a truck wreck attorney to evaluate their legal rights in order to try to get them compensation for their injuries.

Learn About The Elements of an Irving  Jackknife Truck Accident Case

A truck accident attorney can be extremely dangerous to those around them. They can strike other vehicles in their path, blocking multiple lanes of traffic. This can cause massive damage to other cars. Following an accident, you should discuss your legal options with a seasoned jackknife truck accident lawyer. An attorney could help you and your family understand the various elements in an Irving jackknife truck accident case. Call today to learn how an attorney could help.