Hit and Run Car Accidents in Mansfield

Hit and run car accidents are frustrating and exhausting ordeals. Fortunately, Texas clearly defines and strictly enforces laws surrounding your responsibilities after an accident.

Some hit and run car accidents are caused by drivers who do not even know they have lightly collided with a vehicle, while others result from stress and panic immediately following the accident. Whatever the case, a hit and run car accident could result in serious criminal charges.

If you were involved in a collision of this nature, a dedicated car crash attorney could help you understand more about the violations and penalties associated with hit and run accidents in Mansfield.

Types of Damage in Hit and Run Car Accidents

In Mansfield, drivers involved in a hit and run car accident can inflict damages under several scenarios covered by the law. These common scenarios include accidents involving the following:

  • Personal injury or death
  • Damage to an occupied or unattended vehicle
  • Damage to fixtures or highway landscaping

Any party involved in one of these scenarios is required by law to stay at the scene. Failure to do so could result in misdemeanor or felony charges. In addition, under the Texas Transport Code, drivers involved in these accidents have additional obligations that drivers must meet to avoid charges.

Legal Responsibilities After Car Accidents

The legal responsibilities incumbent upon drivers after a car accident depend on the scenario in which the accident occurred. For example, in Mansfield, obligations to avoid charges for a hit and run car accident vary from leaving a note with contact information to taking “reasonable steps” to finding the vehicle owner.

Personal Injury or Death

Parties involved in a car accident that results in personal injury or death must remain at the scene. Additional responsibilities include rendering aid to injured individuals and providing personal information, such as the vehicle registration number and insurance. If asked, the driver must also provide a driver’s license.

Damage to Occupied Vehicles

When involved in an accident that causes damage to an occupied vehicle, the driver has legal responsibilities similar to those of accidents involving personal injury or death. For example, the driver must pull as close as possible to the vehicle without blocking the highway and provide aid, personal information, and a license if requested.

Damage to Unattended Vehicles

If an unattended vehicle is damaged in a car accident, the driver must either locate the vehicle’s owner and provide contact information or leave a note with the car. The message should detail the accident and give the driver’s personal information.

Damage to Fixtures or Highway Landscaping

When a car accident damages fixtures or highway landscaping, the driver is responsible for taking “reasonable steps” to find the property owner and provide personal information. If the damage to the property exceeds $1,000, the driver is also required to file a report with the police.

Call a Lawyer Today Regarding Hit and Run Car Accidents in Mansfield

Involvement in an unexpected car accident can be incredibly stressful and overwhelming, leaving you with the urge to drive away. However, leaving the scene of a hit and run car accident in Mansfield can result in serious criminal charges.

If you have been party to a hit and run car accident, reach out to an attorney today to learn more about your rights and obligations. You can take the first step toward rectifying the situation today by scheduling a consultation.