Mansfield Rear-End Collision Lawyer

In a rear-end collision in Mansfield, one driver hits the rear-end of another vehicle. Collisions, where one car strikes another from the rear, are among the most common types of car accidents. Fortunately, they are less devastating than head-on collisions and side-impact crashes because the people seated in the front of the car are further from the impact and those crashes often occur at a lower speed. They frequently occur at traffic lights and stop signs and on congested highways in stop and go traffic.

The common and legal presumption in many states is that the person driving the following vehicle is at fault for the for rear-end collision. If you were severely injured in a rear-end crash, a seasoned car accident attorney could help you seek compensation for damages. Schedule a consultation with a Mansfield rear-end collision lawyer to discuss your options.

Common Causes of Rear-End Crashes

The National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA) claims that 87 percent of rear-end crashes are caused by inattentive drivers or distracted drivers. Distracted driving includes texting and driving, talking on a cell phone, fiddling with radio or cellphones to find music to listen to, putting on makeup, shaving, or eating while driving, talking to a passenger or child in the backseat, and many more. Other causes of rear-end accidents are speeding, following too closely, drunk driving, and road rage. Except for road rage, these causes can be related to inattentive driving.

How Is Fault Assigned With Rear-End Collisions In Mansfield?

Most often the rear driver is at fault in a rear-end collision. In rare situations, the driver in front may be partially responsible. For example, the front driver turns onto a street or merges into a highway and misjudges the speed and distance of oncoming traffic. The second scenario might be the front driver change lanes inappropriately and had to slam on the brakes to avoid hitting the car in front of them.

Contributory negligence can come into play in rear-end crashes. The partial liability may be given to the driver in front; but most often, the rear driver is judged to be 100 percent liable.

Establishing Liability Following a Crash

A lawyer performs their own investigation and gets access to information that the average person might not be able to obtain. The lawyer gets the police report and legal documents related to the accident. They review traffic camera footage or security footage if available. The attorney interviews witnesses and obtains cell phone records of the other driver to determine if they were on their phone texting at the time of the crash. There are other ways to prove negligence which is why it is always important to bring in an experienced lawyer.

Call a Mansfield Rear-End Collision Attorney As Soon As Possible

A lawyer has the experience to negotiate generous settlements for their client by taking on the insurance carriers in court when necessary. The attorney handles the phone calls, paperwork, and court filings while the injured party focuses on their recovery. Hiring a lawyer can help you get your time back and lets you focus on health and recovery. Call a Mansfield rear-end collision lawyer to get started building your case.