Rollover Cars Accidents in Mansfield

Rollover car accidents occur when a collision causes a motor vehicle to roll over onto its top or side. This type of crash can be particularly dangerous for victims and result in serious injuries from being crushed or thrown from the vehicle.

Rollover car accidents in Mansfield can have devastating effects, but there is hope for recovery. Fortunately, you may be entitled to compensation if you have been injured in this type of crash. Additionally, a skilled motor vehicle collision attorney could help you understand the theories of liability available in your case and argue them before the court.

Types of Rollover Car Accidents

Rollover car accidents frequently result from an obstacle in the roadway that causes a vehicle to roll over. For instance, these collisions could be caused by a pothole on the highway or an inconspicuous curb.

Reckless drivers can also be responsible for rollover accidents, especially when operating top-heavy vehicles. For example, when these drivers travel at high speeds, it can be difficult to react quickly to situations on the road.

Sometimes, rollover car accidents are the result of faulty vehicle equipment. For instance, if the tire on a car blows out while the driver is traveling fast, the vehicle may flip.

In Mansfield, rollover car accidents can be caused by various circumstances related to anything from the roadway, the driver, or the vehicle itself. The cause of the accident will determine the theories of law that should be pursued when seeking damages.

Theories of Liability in a Rollover Car Accident

The circumstances that a lawyer must prove to prevail in a rollover car accident in Mansfield depend on the theory of liability. However, determining the appropriate theory to pursue can be complex.


Legal representatives typically pursue car accidents under a theory of liability known as negligence. This area of the law requires individuals to maintain certain standards of behavior as they go about their day for the safety and protection of others. While standards for specific individuals vary, everyone owes a duty of reasonable care to those around them.

For example, if a driver was recklessly driving at high speed or distractedly looking down at their phone, they might be liable for damages sustained in a rollover car accident. In this case, the lawyer must prove that the driver fell below the standard of care and caused damages to the injured party.

Product Liability

Another option that may be available in a rollover car accident is known as product liability. Product liability law requires certain distributors, manufacturers, and retailers to maintain reasonable safety in the design and manufacturing of the products they put on the market.

A hardworking lawyer in Mansfield might pursue this type of case if the accident resulted from a tire defect, which ultimately blew out and caused a rollover incident. These cases are generally directed at manufacturers and designers rather than vehicle drivers. However, it can be difficult to establish that the defect in the car was the direct cause of the accident.

Retain an Attorney in Mansfield for Rollover Car Accidents

Deciding what legal theory to pursue and what damages to request can involve intricate legal issues particular to the circumstances of any case. Therefore, it is essential to contact an attorney to discuss rollover car accidents in Mansfield and determine the right course of action for you.

Schedule a consult today to talk to an attorney and learn more about what damages may be available. Rollover accidents can be tragic and life-altering, and you should be compensated financially for your injuries.