Mansfield Dog Bite Lawyer 

As wonderful as most dogs are, some become aggressive or experience related behavioral issues due to abuse, insufficient training, or environmental stress. All canines can bite, even small dogs, and those who do not have a history of aggressive behavior. If you are among those recently attacked by a canine, contact a Mansfield dog bite lawyer as soon as you are able.

A dedicated attorney experienced in dog bite cases will determine if your personal injury claim is viable before guiding you through the claims process. You could be entitled to a range of damages depending on the nature of your case, including compensation for pain and suffering, medical bills, prescription medication, physical therapy, and lost wages.

Does Mansfield Apply Civil Liability Laws to Dog Bite Cases?

Texas does not use a specific civil liability law for dog bite claims as per the Marshall v. Ranne case in May of 1974. The Texas Supreme Court issued a “one bite rule” following the case, stating that any owner of a dangerous animal becomes strictly liable for damages if the beast inflicts injuries. The owner or other individuals who care for the animal would be subject to criminal liability laws under certain circumstances, including:

  • Knowingly keeping a dangerous dog on premise without the proper security or signage
  • No regard for leash laws, Mansfield requires all canines on leash in public areas such as parks
  • Excessive use of police dog force by an officer
  • Intentional dog owner actions resulting in one or more bites
  • Pet sitter negligence
  • Veterinary malpractice resulting in behavioral changes

Criminal penalties for negligence or intentional tort can include up to 10 years in prison and fines up to $10,000.

Can a Dog Owner Still Owe Damages Under Texas Civil Liability Laws?

If the canine does not have a previous history of violence, and the owner had no reason to believe the animal was dangerous prior to the bite, the individual might be partially liable. If the plaintiff is found more than 50 percent liable for the bite due to actions such as teasing the dog, attempting to injure it, or trespassing, they do not have a claim. However, if the plaintiff was attacked unprovoked and was not violating property laws, a Mansfield attorney with experience in dog bite cases will help the person move forward with their case.

How Does the Plaintiff Prove Owner Negligence?

With assistance from a legal professional in Mansfield who understands dog bite laws, the plaintiff must prove the owner knew of the canine’s aggressive nature or history of biting others, such as using previous records of violence as evidence. The plaintiff must also show that the owner did not exercise reasonable care to restrain the animal or could have otherwise prevented the attack. For example, an owner who allows a dog with a violent past to roam free on their property would be considered negligent under Texas laws, especially if there is no evidence of fencing, leashes, or “Beware of Dog” signage.

Speak with a Mansfield Dog Bite Lawyer

Review your claim with a Mansfield dog bite lawyer now to learn whether your case is viable. Texas statute of limitations for personal injury cases expire after two years, making it important to discuss your claim as soon as possible. In addition, an attorney could help you prove fault against the negligent party as well as help you calculate the maximum amount of compensation owed to you. To begin discussing the details of your claim, call today to schedule a consultation.