Mansfield Neck and Back Injury Lawyer

Your back and neck are among the most vulnerable parts of your body. Therefore, the tendons within the spinal cord may twist or tear in a traumatic event, resulting in painful strains or sprains. In addition, the disks in your back or neck may misalign, causing a reduction in your range of motion or functionality. Likewise, herniated disks can require intensive surgery to correct. Unfortunately, severe spinal cord injuries result in paralysis.

A Mansfield neck and back injury lawyer could help you pursue compensation following an accident leading to your harm. By gathering evidence concerning an incident, measuring your losses, and dealing with insurance companies, a seasoned attorney could protect your legal rights after a back or neck injury.

Potential Settlement Amounts Following a Back or Neck Injury

It can be difficult to attach an estimated value to a personal injury case. Instead, each person’s experience will determine their potential compensation. However, with this caveat in mind, it can be helpful to identify many of the factors that can contribute to a person’s possible civil settlement.

The most direct way to estimate a case’s value is to measure a person’s losses. Generally, the more extensive the physical injuries, the higher a claim’s value is. For instance, if a person suffers a back strain after a crash that requires a few weeks of chiropractic treatment, medical bills can amount to only a few thousand dollars. By contrast, injuries that require ambulance rides, emergency surgeries, and lengthy hospitalizations can result in tens of thousands of dollars of medical care.

In addition, back and neck injuries after incidents can cause emotional damage, diminished quality of life, and lost income. A knowledgeable attorney in Mansfield is ready to pursue an injury claim for its full value.

How to Prove Fault for Incidents that Result in Neck and Back Injuries

That said, the extent of a person’s injuries is irrelevant when determining fault for the incident. Mansfield is in a state that uses the concept of modified comparative negligence to assign blame for accidents. Therefore, if an injured person shares responsibility for an incident, they cannot collect full compensation for their losses.

According to Texas Civil Practice & Remedy Code §33.003, defendants can allege that an injured person’s lack of appropriate caution contributed to their injury. If a court agrees with this argument, it must reduce the compensation it awards by the percentage of blame that it assigns to a victim. However, if this percentage reaches 50 or more, the court cannot award any payment. A dedicated attorney could work to gather the evidence needed to pursue powerful cases against negligent defendants who caused a back or neck injury.

Reach Out to a Neck and Back Injury Attorney in Mansfield Now

A collection of accidents can result in life-altering neck and back injuries. Their vertebral bones, back ligaments, and the spinal cord all play a vital role in sending brain signals and overall bodily function. Any damage to these essential body parts, including herniated disks, strains to the ligaments, or spinal cord injuries, can negatively impact a person’s health and overall quality of life.

Parties responsible for accidents that inflict these injuries are liable for compensation. A Mansfield neck and back injury lawyer could help evaluate how an accident has changed your life and pursue at-fault parties for the compensation you deserve. Call today.