Mansfield Overweight Truck Accident Lawyer

Truck drivers must comply with weight limits while traveling on the road. Tragically, many people are seriously injured or killed in truck accidents due to a truck driver’s negligence.

If you or someone you know has been injured in an overweight truck accident, you might need to seek legal counsel immediately. An experienced Mansfield overweight truck accident lawyer could hold a trucker and their employer accountable for your injuries. It is best to consult with a knowledgeable truck accident attorney to discuss your case.

How Much Can a Truck Carry?

Several Texas and federal government agencies regulate the weight of semi-truck loads. These limits are preventive measures against truck drivers losing control over their vehicles.

Every truck receives a gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) that indicates how much it can carry. Its calculation involves several parts of a truck, such as its frame, axels, suspension, power train, and braking system. Truck drivers are required to frequent weigh stations on their routes to ensure their truck is not overweight.

Unfortunately, truck drivers do not always fulfill the weigh station requirement. For instance, some negligent truck drivers deliberately avoid weighing stations because they know their load exceeds a safe weight. A competent Mansfield overweight truck accident attorney could help an injured party assert their rights against a negligent truck driver.

Indicators of an Overweight Truck

An overweight truck poses a severe risk to those around it. Several signs indicate an overloaded truck, such as:

  • Requiring a greater distance to reach a full stop
  • Accelerating at a higher speed than usual down a hill
  • Having reduced steering capabilities at high speeds
  • Having a higher center of gravity and the potential to roll over

These factors significantly increase the likelihood of an overweight truck accident. For instance, an overweight load could cause a tractor-trailer to tip over when making a sharp turn. Even seasoned truck drivers may miscalculate the braking time necessary to stop an overweight truck.

A more massive weight load increases a truck’s force of impact. Consequently, overloaded trucks are likely to cause catastrophic injuries to those inside cars during a collision. A qualified Mansfield overweight truck wreck accident lawyer could represent an injured party and demand full compensation. 

What If Cargo Falls Off of a Truck and Causes a Crash?

If cargo falls off the truck and causes a crash, liability can be difficult to determine. If unsecured cargo from a truck falls off and hits another vehicle, somebody is liable, it might be the driver, the trucking company or the company that the truck is leased onto. If their vehicle is in one of these crashes, it is important to get all the information possible including description of the truck, license plate, DOT number and/or pictures and videos, so they can be tracked down.

The Statute of Limitations

An injured party must file a lawsuit against the at-fault party or parties within the period prescribed by the statute of limitations. An injured party could lose their right to sue and recover compensation if they fail to file on time.

In most cases, injured parties have two years to file a lawsuit for personal injuries and property damage resulting from a truck accident. This time frame starts on the date of the accident. If the injured party died, a family member could sue within two years from the date of the injured party’s death.

An injured party must abide by all filing requirements. A skilled Mansfield overweight truck crash lawyer could handle an injured party’s case and file documents before their deadlines.

How a Mansfield Overweight Truck Accident Attorney Could Help

Overweight truck accidents can be traumatizing experiences. No amount of money could return an injured party’s life to where it was before the accident. Fair compensation could, however, help an injured party move forward with their life.

A knowledgeable Mansfield overweight truck accident lawyer could help you seek compensation from those that harmed you. Contact us today to speak with one of our attorneys about legal strategies.