Federal Trucking Laws in Mansfield

The federal government, through the Department of Transportation under the Federal Motor Carrier Act or FMCA, regulates the trucking industry. The federal trucking laws and industry standards and regulation are closely related, but the federal trucking laws like the Federal Motor Carrier Act established the minimum standards of care.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations are complex, and they regulate everything from maintenance and inspections of equipment, driver qualifications and the action for the driver must take while in the truck. You should retain the services of a knowledgeable truck wreck lawyer who is versed on all these regulations to be able to appropriately handle a case. Reach out to learn more about the federal trucking laws in Mansfield.

Understanding Federal Trucking Laws

Oftentimes, industry standards go above the minimum standards, but all trucking companies must uphold the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Act if they are going to engage in interstate commerce. Trucking companies have some of the most dangerous trucks and vehicles on the roads, and therefore it is absolutely necessary for them to hold themselves to the highest safety standards. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations cover a wide range of activities, including the number of hours a truck driver can drive before he rests, routine inspection and maintenance, enough sleep the truck driver must get, types of medication or drugs a truck driver may use.

There are some insurance requirements for tractor-trailer companies because the seriousness of these crashes—their minimum policy standards are much higher than those for regular passenger cars. If somebody is harmed in a truck wreck, they should speak with an attorney to determine what kind of policy that the trucking company had in place.

Further, compensation for these injuries sustained as a result of willful disregard of the safety rules could be sought.

Upholding The Trucking Standards

The trucking company has a duty to uphold these standards, otherwise, they could be ticketed, and enough citations, then a driver could potentially lose their license as well as if the trucking company has ticketed enough, they could lose their license to operate on the roadways.

If these standards were breached in the course of a crash, then a lawyer could investigate, determine liability and potentially even go after gross negligence. The ability for them to maintain alertness at all times is critical, but the laws on trucks are there to protect everyday commuters who share the road with tractor-trailers, so when crashes occur as a result of breaking these laws, that are in place, negligence could be easily demonstrated in court.

Schedule a Consultation With a Local Truck Accident Attorney

When you are involved in a truck accident, you should speak to an experienced attorney. A truck wreck lawyer is going to be able to provide effective legal guidance throughout all stages of your claim. Truck wrecks cases involve extra layers of complexity than regular automobiles, and an attorney experienced in truck wrecks can handle all elements. Reach out to an attorney to learn about the federal trucking laws in Mansfield.