Unique Aspects of Grapevine Truck Accident Cases

Like car crashes, each truck accident has its own circumstances and specific legal elements. Therefore, speaking with a skilled lawyer knowledgeable of the unique aspects of Grapevine truck accident cases is vital for successfully recovering damages.

Call a dedicated tractor-trailer crash attorney today if you were involved in a collision. A legal representative could help you collect compensation from a negligent truck driver, trucking company, or another third party.

What are the Most Common Truck Accident Causes?

Truck accidents can occur under several circumstances. However, there are also commercial vehicle accidents frequently happen due to the following:

Blind Spots

All motorists must be mindful of their blind spots while behind the wheel. However, large trucks must be extra careful due to their size. Therefore, drivers must receive extensive training before they begin driving and be aware of the truck’s blind spots at all times and before maneuvering.

Improper Cargo Loading

Truckers and loading companies must place cargo in trucks in a specific manner. Improper cargo loading can cause the load to shift from one side of the vehicle to another, leading to accidents. Improper loading most commonly leads to rollover and jackknife truck accidents.

Unrealistic Time Constraints

Trucking companies commonly set unrealistic time constraints on drivers and the shipment. When that happens, the driver may put speed over safety or fail to get enough rest.

Inadequate Training

All truck drivers must go through extensive training before they begin working. When companies fail to ensure they properly train truckers to drive safely, they could be liable for damages from a crash. An attorney knowledgeable of the unique aspect of Grapevine truck crash cases could answer questions on other leading causes.

The Liable Parties in Truck Crash Cases

Another aspect of truck accident cases in Grapevine is that they typically involve more than one party. For example, listing a trucking company as a defendant is appropriate in most cases. Responsible parties in truck crash cases could also include:

  • Truck operators
  • Truck manufacturers
  • Cargo owners
  • Tractor-trailer owners

Lawsuits after a truck crash could include one or several defendants, and the court could hold each of them financially accountable.

Hours of Service

Commercial truck drivers also must abide by strict, federally-enforced time limits when it comes to the number of hours they can legally drive without a break. In addition, according to the 49 Code of Federal Regulations § 395.8, drivers must follow driving guidelines and keep records at all times.

Time limits depend on many factors, but truckers can typically work 11 hours after being off from work for ten consecutive hours. After a truck collision, requesting the driver’s personal records is vital to ensuring a successful case. A lawyer in Grapevine could explain particular aspects of truck crash cases and help plaintiffs navigate the claims process.

Call an Experienced Grapevine Attorney About the Unique Aspects of Truck Accident Cases

Truck crashes are often severe and traumatizing for everyone involved. However, understanding the unique aspects of Grapevine truck accident cases is essential to building a solid claim for damages.

There are many differences in the circumstances, from the reason they occur to the defendants in the lawsuit. Call today to schedule a consultation if you need help getting started on a truck crash claim.