What To Do After a Bicycle Accident in Southlake

In contrast to the broader regulations across Texas, Southlake has implemented its own bicycle helmet laws and is in the process of enhancing safety measures by installing bike lanes on major roads. Despite taking these steps, unforeseen tragedies can still occur, such as being struck by a reckless motorist, leaving you with life-altering injuries. We understand you are confused,  angry, and in pain, and we want to help you pursue justice.

When you reach out to our seasoned bicycle accident attorneys, we could immediately work to secure financial compensation from the motorist who injured you or their insurer. This compensation is crucial to cover current and future medical bills, replace wages lost during recovery, and get a new bike. If you are hurt by a negligent driver, you should know what to do after a bicycle accident in Southlake.

Steps To Take After an Accident

When a two-ton car collides with an unprotected bicyclist, injuries are often severe or deadly. Carrying identification and medical alerts while riding is smart in the case that an accident renders the bicyclist unconscious. Additionally, with this information, police and paramedics can quickly administer appropriate medical care and summon family members.

Bicyclists who are able to remain conscious but are lying on the road should ask someone to direct traffic around them or cordon off the area if possible. Other actions to consider include:

  • Call 911 if possible or ask someone at the scene to call
  • Avoid downplaying any potential injuries to paramedics or police;
  • If possible, record or take pictures of the scene with a cell phone, including the surrounding area, the damaged bike, any damage to the automobile, and obvious physical injuries
  • Check the immediate area for security cameras that may have recorded the accident
  • Ask witnesses for contact information
  • Exchange contact and insurance information with the driver but do not share any other information, such as admitting fault, downplaying injuries, and apologizing
  • Once transported to the hospital, alert a primary care provider
  • Do not throw away the damaged bicycle or wash the clothes worn during the accident because they may be needed for evidence
  • Follow the medical advice of any doctors and then contact a personal injury attorney to discuss the next steps toward compensation for your bike accident

Injuries sustained in bicycle accidents could range from road rash, broken bones, internal organ damage, paralysis, and head, neck, and brain damage. It is necessary for motorists who are found negligent and responsible for these injuries to be held accountable. A Southlake attorney could give case-by-case guidance on what to do following a bicycle accident to pursue comprehensive compensation from the at fault party.

What Does a Bicycle Accident Attorney Do?

Once a bicyclist’s medical condition stabilizes and a diagnosis is established, it is time for an experienced legal professional to step in. After a bicycle accident in Southlake, a proactive lawyer gathers and scrutinizes all available evidence, including:

  • Medical records and police reports,
  • Eyewitness interviews
  • Security camera footage
  • The bicyclist’s recollection of the incident

A dedicated attorney could also analyze Texas statutes and case law and hire expert witnesses to support the case if necessary.

A skilled lawyer usually negotiates with the at-fault motorist’s insurance company, beginning with a demand letter that reflects a fair assessment of damages. Insurers routinely downplay injuries and lowball settlements. If this happens, a diligent bicycle accident attorney could be prepared to go to court and fight for fair compensation.

Call a Southlake Attorney for Legal Help After a Bicycle Accident

Southlake prides itself on being a bike-friendly community. However, there is still the concern of sharing the roads with negligent drivers who can cause devastating injuries to bicyclists. If this happens to you, take immediate steps to protect your health and safety.

Bicycle accident injuries could be severe and require immediate and possibly ongoing medical treatment, both physically and emotionally. The careless motorist who injured you should be held accountable for their actions. You know what to do after a bicycle accident in Southlake; seek medical attention and call our legal office for compassionate advocacy.