Requirements for Motorcyclists in Colleyville

While the Lone Star State generally prides itself on the freedom it provides state residents to live their lives as they choose to, there are still a few restrictions placed by state law on people who want to ride motorcycles on public roads. While these rules are certainly not as limiting as those in some other states, failing to abide by them can still land you in legal hot water, as well as make it harder to recover fair compensation if you get hurt in a motorcycle wreck caused by someone else.

Below is a brief overview of basic requirements for motorcyclists in Colleyville that every rider should know about and ensure they comply with. As always, a qualified motorcycle crash attorney could offer further clarification about these rules and help explore legal options in the wake of a serious collision.

Licensing Requirements for Colleyville Motorcyclists

People with only standard-issue driver’s licenses in Texas are not legally allowed to operate motorcycles here. Instead, prospective motorcycle riders must first obtain a “Class M” license, a process which requires both completing a state-approved motorcycle safety course and—if they do not already have a standard driver’s license—passing written and skills tests administered by the Department of Public Safety.

Once those two prerequisite conditions are met, a rider will be granted a conditional learner’s permit, which allows them to operate a motorcycle while accompanied by a fully licensed rider. After six months without incident, this conditional permit becomes a full Class M license.

Meeting Minimum Insurance Standards

Just like commuter car owners, motorcycle owners in Colleyville and throughout Texas are required to purchase a minimum amount of liability insurance, which is meant to cover losses suffered by other people involved in accidents with that rider. The minimum requirements for motorcyclists here are:

  • $30,000 for physical injury to one other person in one accident
  • $60,000 for all injuries caused by any one accident
  • $25,000 for all property damage caused by any one accident

Owners of “motor-driven cycles” and “mopeds” with smaller engines than standard motorcycles also have to meet these same minimum insurance requirements before they can legally ride on public roads.

Who Has to Wear a Helmet While Riding in Colleyville?

Like most other states, Texas requires everyone under the age of 21 to wear a safety helmet at all times while operating or riding on a motorcycle. Unlike some other states, Texas allows riders over the age of 21 to forgo wearing a safety helmet if they have a specific type of insurance coverage or have completed a motorcycle safety class.

No matter their age or experience level, though, all motorcycle riders are required to wear some form of eye protection while riding. If this requirement is not met by the visor of a safety helmet, it can alternatively be met with safety goggles or glasses, a face shield, or—in some cases—a windscreen attached to the motorcycle’s frame.

A Colleyville Attorney Could Answer Questions About Motorcyclist Requirements

In addition to everything mentioned above, motorcyclists are also expected to obey all traffic laws applicable to other motor vehicle drivers and act responsibly while riding. Anyone who fails to do that around a motorcyclist and causes them to get hurt in a collision as a result may hold civil liability for ensuing damages, as an experienced lawyer could further explain.

In the meantime, anyone with questions about requirements for motorcyclists in Colleyville can get the answers they need from a seasoned legal professional. Call today to schedule a meeting.