Common Causes of Motorcycle Accidents in Colleyville

It hardly needs to be explained why operating a motor vehicle balanced on just two wheels is more difficult and dangerous than driving one with four wheels, a sturdy frame around its occupants, and many other modern safety features. With that in mind, it is also unfortunately not surprising that motorcycle riders are statistically more likely to get injured in traffic accidents compared to anyone inside a commuter car.

Among the numerous common causes of motorcycle accidents in Colleyville, though, many situations could serve as grounds for civil litigation against someone other than the motorcyclist injured as a result of the crash. Here are some scenarios in which someone else’s negligence could lead to you getting hurt in a motorcycle wreck and which an experienced lawyer could help you pursue legal action over.

Not Checking “Blind Spots” Properly

If there is one single behavior that Colleyville drivers engage in which most increases their risk of colliding with a motorcyclist or otherwise causing a motorcycle accident, it is failing to be aware of the “blind spots” around their vehicle where they cannot easily see other people and vehicles from their position in the driver’s seat. Failing to check mirrors or just turn around before making a maneuver on the road can lead to:

  • Sideswipe crashes caused by unsafe lane changes
  • T-bone wrecks caused by careless left turns
  • “Dooring” accidents, caused by someone in a parked car opening their door right into an advancing biker’s path

Speeding or Going Too Fast for Road Conditions

Even if a motor vehicle driver sees a motorcyclist near them, they are more likely to run into them if they go over the speed limit or do not slow down for bad weather or road conditions—particularly if they are tailgating at the same time. A higher rate of speed means less time to react to a sudden obstacle or slowdown ahead. It creates a greater risk of rear-ending a motorcyclist or—even worse—pinching them between their front bumper and the rear bumper of another vehicle ahead.

Drugs, Alcohol, Fatigue, or Distraction

Unfortunately, there is no shortage of ways in which someone can get themselves into a state where they cannot focus completely on driving safely and then get behind the wheel anyway, from substance impairment to lack of sleep to texting and driving. Distraction and impairment contribute to many motorcycle wrecks in Colleyville.

Lack of Experience

Even at low speeds, keeping a motorcycle between the lines on the road and keeping a safe distance from other cars can be far from simple. The less experience a rider has, the more likely they will get into an accident. Inexperienced drivers are more likely to be negligent behind the wheel in ways that lead to motorcyclists getting hurt.

A Colleyville Attorney Could Help You Sue Over Common Causes of Motorcycle Accidents

Ultimately, the exact mechanical cause of a motorcycle crash is not as important when filing suit over ensuing damages as proving that the wreck stemmed directly from another person’s negligence. That said, understanding common causes of motorcycle accidents in Colleyville can do a lot to help you ride more safely on the road and potentially avoid wrecks you might otherwise not have known to be prepared for.

In the event you do get hurt in a crash caused by another person’s misconduct, you have help available from our dedicated lawyers in demanding fair financial recovery for your injuries and losses. Call today to learn more.