Safety Measures to Prevent Motorcycle Accidents in Colleyville

Ideally, everyone on the road would always live up to the “duty of care” they have to watch out for other people around them and act lawfully and responsibly at all times behind the wheel. As every motorcyclist almost certainly knows already, though, trusting other drivers to be careful around you while riding is a great way to get seriously injured in a wreck that was not at all your fault—resulting in significant financial, physical, and personal losses.

While Texas civil law does allow you to demand financial compensation in situations like this from everyone who played a role in causing you to get hurt, it is always preferable to avoid getting into a wreck in the first place. With that in mind, here are some safety measures to prevent motorcycle accidents in Colleyville that every rider should keep in mind while on the road.

Wear Appropriate Safety Gear

While Texas state law does not require motorcycle riders over the age of 21 with sufficient training and insurance coverage to wear helmets while on the road, wearing a helmet that meets federal safety standards is still the single best safety measure you can take to prevent serious injury in a Colleyville motorcycle crash. Multiple studies have shown that wearing a helmet significantly reduces a rider’s risk not only of sustaining a brain injury in a wreck, but also of suffering trauma, which winds up costing them their life.

Practice “Defensive Riding”

Although it is not technically the responsibility of motorcycle riders to give ground to other drivers who are less responsible than them, the fact of the matter is that lots of Texas drivers are reckless and careless behind the wheel on a regular basis. Motorcyclists tend to come out of collisions far worse than the irresponsible drivers who caused them. For that reason, being a bit pessimistic and assuming that other drivers are not paying attention or are about to do something dangerous can be key to preventing wrecks while riding a motorcycle in the Lone Star State.

Stay Alert and Sober

Along similar lines, it is important to be completely sober and well-rested while riding a motorcycle, even beyond the restrictions set in place by state law. While one drink likely will not make the average motorcyclist drunk enough for a DUI charge, it can still impair their reaction time and judgment enough to make an otherwise avoidable crash inevitable.

Keep Up with Regular Maintenance and Repairs

In the long term, an important safety measure to prevent motorcycle crashes in Colleyville is keeping the motorcycle in good working order. Making sure tires have their tread, turn signals and brake lights work, and mirrors are positioned correctly are all small things to do before hitting the road that can make a big difference in preventing accidents.

A Colleyville Attorney Could Help Take Action After a Serious Motorcycle Accident

Everything mentioned above can certainly be a big help when it comes to reducing your risk of getting hurt in a motorcycle crash caused by another person’s misconduct. That said, there is no way to completely eliminate the risk of someone else’s negligence leading to you getting seriously hurt—and in a situation like that, there is no substitute for a seasoned lawyer’s support if you want to get paid fairly for your damages.

A qualified legal professional at our firm could discuss your legal options as well as other safety measures to prevent motorcycle accidents in Colleyville during a free initial consultation. Schedule yours by calling today.