Mistakes to Avoid in a Colleyville Motorcycle Accident Case

Getting hurt in a wreck while riding your motorcycle is never an easy situation to deal with, especially if your injuries end up causing you serious physical, financial, and personal losses. That said, it is extremely important to be as calm and proactive as possible in the wake of a motorcycle crash. What you do in the hours and days following that crash can have a massive impact on what compensation you can recover for your injuries and potentially what the rest of your life looks like.

The top priority for any motorcyclist who wants to protect their legal rights and best interests after a collision they did not cause should be contacting and retaining a skilled motorcycle collision lawyer. In the meantime, though, here are some mistakes to avoid in a Colleyville motorcycle accident case that are helpful to know about before the legal process begins.

Acknowledging Fault at the Scene of the Wreck

Even if someone else is entirely to blame for causing a motorcycle accident, it is far from uncommon for motorcyclists involved in such crashes to want to be polite and understanding to the driver who hit them. However, even saying something as simple as “I’m sorry” or admitting to playing any role in causing the crash can damage a potential civil claim in the future. So, even if it feels rude, it is generally best to be cordial but not apologetic to other people involved in an accident.

Forgoing Proper Medical Treatment

Seeking professional medical attention as soon as possible after a motorcycle wreck is crucial to establishing the severity of the biker’s injuries. This step can provide evidence of the injury that can be presented as incontrovertible fact during later settlement negotiations or civil court proceedings. Along the same lines, ignoring instructions from a doctor or not completing a recommended course of treatment can be taken as a sign that a rider’s injuries were not as bad as they claimed, which could lead to them missing out on much-needed compensation.

Giving Insurance Adjusters Information They Did Not Ask For

People caught up in motorcycle crashes in Colleyville and anywhere else in Texas can expect to receive phone calls very soon afterward from adjusters for their own motorcycle insurance provider, as well as any other insurance companies representing other people involved in the incident. While it is important not to be dishonest to adjusters, it is just as important to avoid answering questions they did not ask, volunteering anything that is not an objective fact, or agreeing to have a call with them recorded.

Not Keeping Track of Recoverable Damages

No matter how much evidence a motorcyclist has to prove someone else is at fault for an accident, they will not have a strong civil case unless they also have evidence proving that they suffered specific “compensable losses” because of that accident. Not maintaining a thorough record of medical reports and bills, bike repair costs, pay stubs to establish lost wages, and contemporaneous notes about physical and psychological suffering can be a huge mistake to avoid during a Colleyville motorcycle crash claim.

Not Contacting an Attorney Can Be a Big Mistake After a Colleyville Motorcycle Accident

While none of the missteps listed above are likely to tank a civil claim all on their own, each can significantly interfere with your ability to recover fairly for harm someone else caused you. One thing that will almost always prevent you from getting the compensation you deserve, though, is trying to file suit without guidance from seasoned legal counsel.

An experienced lawyer could help you avoid mistakes from start to finish of your Colleyville motorcycle accident case and ensure you achieve the best final result possible. Call today to learn more.