Common Causes of Pedestrian Accidents in Colleyville

Compared to just about anyone else who could possibly be involved in a traffic collision, unprotected pedestrians tend to be the most likely to end up suffering serious and potentially life-altering injuries. Unfortunately, there is also often very little that pedestrians can do individually to prevent incidents like this, outside of making sure they stay inside marked crosswalks whenever they cross a street and assuming at all times that drivers do not see them and will be irresponsible around them.

That said, knowing what kinds of things lead to incidents like this can help prevent them from happening, as well as allow you to file suit effectively over them if they end up occurring anyway. Here are some common causes of pedestrian accidents in Colleyville which a qualified pedestrian accident attorney from our firm could help build a civil case around.

Impairment or Distraction Behind the Wheel

Even though driving while drunk, high, or otherwise substance-impaired is very much against the law in Texas, plenty of drivers still choose to do it and put everyone around them at risk of serious harm as a result. Along similar lines, Colleyville drivers who are overly fatigued, using their smart phones, or otherwise distracted while driving are much more likely to end up striking a pedestrian they did not see until it was too late to avoid them.

Failure to Yield Properly

Under Texas state law, drivers are expected to yield to pedestrians in marked crosswalks at all times, whether they are stopped and waiting to advance through an intersection or trying to turn onto another road or into a parking lot. Any driver who fails to properly yield the right of way to a pedestrian and collides with one, as a result, is almost certainly legally liable for ensuing injuries based on their negligent violation of traffic law.

Unfamiliar Traffic Patterns

Especially in crowded urban and suburban areas, unfamiliar territory on the road can lead drivers to act more irresponsibly and potentially put pedestrians at risk. New construction is a particularly common cause of this sort of pedestrian crash in Colleyville, and obstacles like parked cars or downed power lines following a storm can likewise lead to a driver not seeing a pedestrian in time to avoid hitting them.

Lack of Visibility

Drivers who are trying to navigate through inclement weather during the day or through a poorly lit street at night are particularly likely to end up striking an unseen pedestrian compared to people driving with perfect visibility. Pedestrians themselves can sometimes contribute to causing crashes like this if they wear dark clothing at night and walk on the side of the road rather than on sidewalks, but for the most part, it is still incumbent on drivers to be careful and considerate when they cannot see very far around their vehicles.

Talk to a Colleyville Attorney About Common Causes of Pedestrian Accidents

Establishing the cause of a pedestrian collision is just the first step of many in the process of seeking civil restitution for ensuing injuries. You will also need to have substantial evidence proving that a specific irresponsible act by the person you are suing was the main cause of all the damages you are seeking recovery for, and you will likely need to be ready to prove you were not at fault for the incident yourself if you want to get the most money possible.

Fortunately, you have assistance available with common causes of pedestrian accidents in Colleyville from dedicated legal professionals with a long track of case success. Call today to discuss your options.