Steps to Take After a Pedestrian Accident in Colleyville

After getting hit by a negligent driver, preparing for a possible civil lawsuit is generally the last thing on any pedestrian’s mind. However, it can be very helpful in a situation like this to stay calm and be proactive about protecting your right to sue later. This claim could be key to ensuring this incident does not have an unfairly large effect on the course of your life.

While every crash is unique, just like every person injured in one is, there are some basic steps to take after a pedestrian accident in Colleyville that apply to just about every situation like this. If you have any questions about what you should be doing or what options you have for seeking civil recovery after your incident, a skilled pedestrian accident lawyer could give you the answers and professional guidance you need.

Call 911 for the Police and Medical Help

The police do not always need to handle smaller incidents like minor fender-benders between automobiles. However, the same cannot be said for pedestrian accidents because they typically result in larger injuries and more overall damage. The first move for virtually any pedestrian involved in a wreck in Colleyville should be calling 911. If emergency medical services are not needed, getting the police to respond to the scene will still be important to documenting the crash and making sure that any injuries are attributed to the driver who caused them.

Get Contact Information from the Driver and Witnesses

Every driver involved in any traffic accident in Texas is required by law to provide their contact and insurance information to all other people involved in the incident. A pedestrian accident victim in Colleyville should never leave the scene without taking the step to get this information. They should also make a point of getting contact information from people who saw the accident happen, which can be especially important if a driver commits a “hit and run” after causing a pedestrian crash.

Take Photos of the Scene If Possible

After getting all necessary contact information, the Colleyville pedestrian crash victim should take pictures or videos of where the crash happened, making note of traffic patterns, street markings, and possible obstacles that may have affected visibility. While this is not always feasible, it is important for anyone able to do so. The injured person should also take photos of injuries at multiple stages of healing to establish their severity—and, accordingly, the financial value of damages stemming from them—later on.

Seek Professional Medical Care

One step every pedestrian injured in Colleyville absolutely must take after their accident is going to the hospital or an urgent care clinic immediately after leaving the scene. This will be key in identifying all injuries—including ones with no obvious symptoms yet—and creating a record of those injuries and ensuing treatment, which can be incorporated into a civil claim.

Contacting a Colleyville Attorney Is a Vital Step to Take After a Pedestrian Accident

Behind getting medical treatment, your next step to take after a pedestrian accident in Colleyville should be getting in touch with legal counsel to discuss your recovery options. You have limited time to file a lawsuit even if you have suffered life-altering harm, and proving civil fault for those injuries can be difficult without guidance from a qualified attorney.

Once retained, though, your pedestrian accident lawyer could make sure your rights are respected and work diligently to get you paid everything you deserve. Call today to set up a meeting.