Colleyville Pedestrian Accident Injuries

While a typical commuter car driver has a seatbelt, an airbag, and the frame of the vehicle protecting the driver and passengers during a traffic collision, pedestrians rarely have anything at all between them and the full force that a speeding motor vehicle can impart. Unfortunately, this means pedestrian collisions often cause debilitating and even life-threatening injuries, many of which can be both extremely expensive to treat and psychologically taxing to recover from.

Any injury requiring professional medical care of some kind could be the basis for a lawsuit if it stems directly from another person’s negligence, but the process of recovering civil compensation can change a lot depending on what type of trauma someone sustains. With all types of Colleyville pedestrian accident injuries like the ones detailed below, though, guidance from a seasoned pedestrian accident attorney will almost certainly be vital to getting the best possible case result.

Soft-Tissue Damage and Other Injuries

On top of surface-level injuries like lacerations and contusions, pedestrian accidents in Colleyville and throughout Texas very often lead to so-called “soft-tissue” injuries affecting muscles, joints, tendons, and other “soft” parts of the body. Dislocations of the shoulders and hips are especially common outcomes of wrecks like this, as are less severe—but often no less painful—sprains of knee and arm ligaments.

Facial Injuries

Damage done to the face, skull, or neck as a result of a pedestrian crash can very often cause permanent disfigurement. Even relatively minor injuries to this area of the body can be uniquely expensive to heal since modern treatments often require input from specialists whose services do not come cheap.

Bone Fractures

Even if a car is traveling at low speeds, it still has enough mass to potentially fracture a bone in any pedestrian it collides with, especially if that pedestrian then ends up rolling over the car’s roof or being knocked into an unyielding surface like a sidewalk curb. Depending on the type of vehicle involved, injuries of this nature may center around the pelvis and ribs or affect individual limbs—for example, a break in the leg caused by the impact itself, or a break in an arm thrown out in an attempt by a pedestrian to catch themselves while falling.

Catastrophic Pedestrian Injuries

Unfortunately, bone fractures like those mentioned above are sometimes the best-case scenario for pedestrian crashes in Colleyville specifically impacting the torso. In particularly serious accidents, pedestrians may suffer damage to their internal organs and/or spinal cord which may cause a debilitating and irreversible loss of bodily function including paralysis.

Traumatic Brain Damage

While it rarely stems directly from the impact of the car, traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) very often occur in pedestrian collisions when the impacted pedestrian hits the ground after being struck by a car. Even minor concussions can prevent someone from working and cause significant pain and suffering for months at a time, and more severe trauma can cause life-altering losses of sensory, cognitive, and motor function.

Discuss Recovering for Pedestrian Accident Injuries With a Colleyville Attorney

No matter how bad your injuries are from being hit by a negligent driver as a pedestrian, you have a right to file suit against and demand compensation from that driver for every form of harm you will suffer because of their misconduct. That said, recovering comprehensively for Colleyville pedestrian accident injuries can be far from simple, particularly if you try to do it without professional legal representation.

Having a skilled attorney by your side will dramatically improve your chances of obtaining the compensation you deserve for the harm you should never have sustained. Call today to discuss your options.