Safety Precautions for Colleyville Pedestrians

While Colleyville may not be a haven for pedestrians in the same way that more tightly constrained urban areas sometimes are, there are still plenty of places in this area where traveling on foot is more practical and potentially even more enjoyable than biking or driving. That said, hitting the pavement is not always the safest method of transportation if you have to do it around crowded public roads, since drivers are unfortunately not always as responsible behind the wheel as they should be.

While you certainly have the right to file suit against and demand civil compensation from any negligent driver who hits and injures you while you are walking somewhere, it is always preferable to prevent accidents like this from happening in the first place if it is at all within your power to do so. With that in mind, here are some safety precautions for Colleyville pedestrians which come recommended both by federal transportation authorities and by pedestrian accident attorneys who, if you do end up hurt through a driver’s misconduct, can help you proactively enforce your rights.

Stay on Sidewalks and In Crosswalks Whenever Possible

Even if the sidewalks nearby are not in great condition and crosswalks are not clearly marked, pedestrians are virtually always safer if they stay in the spaces designated for them than when they are walking in the street. On top of reducing the risk of a crash, doing this will also help reduce the risk that a Colleyville pedestrian will be found partly at fault for a traffic accident because they were walking someplace they technically should not have been.

Wear Bright or Reflective Clothing if Walking at Night

Once the sun goes down, visibility decreases dramatically even for drivers with their headlights on, and that substantially increases the risk that they will not see a pedestrian ahead of them until it is too late to avoid a crash. With that in mind, making sure they are as visible as possible during low visibility conditions is a key safety precaution for Colleyville pedestrians to take.

Keep an Eye with Alleys and Driveways

While drivers are expected to look around for pedestrians before exiting a private driveway, alley, or street, they do not always do so as effectively as they should, and sometimes there may even be obstacles like parked cars that prevent them from doing so. This makes it important for pedestrians who are about to cross over driveways or in front of alleys to check for oncoming traffic before proceeding.

Assume Drivers Do Not See You and Act Accordingly

It may seem cynical, but just like drivers can often reduce their risk of getting in accidents by engaging in “defensive driving,” pedestrians can often prevent collisions by thinking and acting in much the same way. A pedestrian taking a few extra seconds to make absolutely sure an oncoming driver sees them and slows down or stops can be the difference between a completely uneventful trip across the street and an accident resulting in a life-altering injury.

Seek Help From a Colleyville Attorney if Safety Precautions Cannot Prevent a Pedestrian Accident

Even if you are as careful while walking as any pedestrian could possibly be, there is unfortunately no way to completely eliminate the risk that a driver’s irresponsible actions could lead to you suffering a serious injury. If you do wind up hurt under circumstances like this, seeking help from experienced legal counsel could be crucial to building a strong civil claim and recovering fairly for all your ensuing losses.

In the meantime, an attorney from our team could answer questions about safety precautions for Colleyville pedestrians and how they might impact a personal injury lawsuit during a private consultation. Call today to schedule yours.