DeSoto Bus Accident Lawyer

Fortunately, accidents involving buses are rare; however, these crashes still happen around the Dallas metro area, sometimes resulting in severe injuries to multiple passengers and others nearby. On top of that, filing a lawsuit against the person or entity responsible for causing a bus crash through negligence can be uniquely complicated, especially since there are special rules under state law for civil claims against government agencies.

Making sense of your situation and pursuing fair compensation as effectively as possible could be much easier with guidance from an experienced DeSoto bus accident lawyer. Whether you need help taking legal action against a private bus operating company or want to pursue a claim against a public transportation service, a capable personal injury attorney’s support could be vital to achieving the best possible case result.

How to Recover Compensation After a Private Bus Crash

In many respects, demanding civil compensation for injuries caused by someone driving for a bus company like Greyhound or Megabus works the same as pursuing a claim against a commuter car or tractor-trailer driver. In virtually all cases, the main priority of a lawsuit or settlement demand should be establishing that the defendant driver or the company they work for was legally “negligent”—in other words, they violated a duty to pay attention and act responsibly when behind the wheel.

Importantly, it could be possible to pursue litigation over an injury sustained aboard a privately-operated bus, even if no collision occurred. For example, when a private bus driver accelerates too quickly and causes passengers to fall, any injuries the passengers suffer could serve as grounds for a civil claim since the bus driver’s misconduct was the direct and primary cause of those injuries. A knowledgeable attorney in DeSoto could discuss in greater detail during a private consultation whether a public transportation crash justifies litigation.

How Public and Private Bus Crash Cases Differ

When a bus driver working for Dallas Area Rapid Transit or a similar government-run transit service injures someone else through the negligent operation of a government-owned bus, recovering civilly for losses stemming from that incident can get much more complex. Unfortunately, some limitations apply to bus wreck claims that do not apply to other personal injury cases.

Most notably, the Texas Tort Claims Act holds that if a “unit of local government” causes injury to someone else through negligence, the defendant can only be held liable for $100,000 worth of injury-related damages per plaintiff, $300,000 of total injury-related damages per case, and $100,000 of property damage per case. Additionally, as a seasoned lawyer in DeSoto could explain, there are much shorter time limits for providing notice of intent to file a bus collision claim compared to the two-year statutory deadline applicable to most personal injury claims.

Consider Working with a Hardworking Bus Accident Attorney in DeSoto

Bus crashes can result in substantial physical, financial, and personal losses for bus passengers and drivers nearby. Either way, taking effective legal action against a bus driver whose negligence caused you harm can be immensely challenging without professional legal guidance.

The assistance you need to get the financial restitution and justice you deserve is available from a skilled DeSoto bus accident lawyer. Contact our attorneys today to schedule a consultation, and let us begin working on your case.