DeSoto Slip and Fall Lawyer

Property owners in Texas are legally obligated to keep their land safe for all lawful visitors. This duty includes minimizing the risk that any such visitor might accidentally slip or trip and fall. However, when you are hurt in an accident of this nature, you may find it challenging to establish that a landowner was negligent and hold them accountable for your injuries.

Fortunately, help is available from a DeSoto slip and fall lawyer with extensive experience helping people like you pursue compensation through civil litigation. Whether your case ends with private settlement negotiations or goes to court, your knowledgeable personal injury attorney’s guidance will benefit you every step of the way.

Proving Fault in Slip and Fall Cases

Personal injury claims built around tripping accidents generally fall under premises liability law, which broadly works the same as standard personal injury law with a couple of key differences. Most importantly, a property owner’s “duty” under premises liability law to keep their property free of risks changes depending on why a visitor is on their land. For example, in most cases, landowners have no responsibility to protect trespassers from accidental harm.

In property liability claims, it is important to establish that a landowner failed to maintain their land properly and that an individual’s injuries stemmed primarily from that landowner’s lack of care. However, just as an incident occurring on someone else’s property does not automatically make the landowner liable for ensuing losses, a landowner failing to maintain their land does not allow for civil recovery unless that irresponsible behavior directly causes an injury.

Finally, proving that an injured victim did not contribute to their injuries can be vital. If a plaintiff is partially responsible for their harm, the court may prevent them from recovering the full value of their losses or bar them from collecting compensation altogether. An experienced attorney in DeSoto could further explain the nuances in slip and fall claims during a confidential consultation.

What Damages Can a Slip and Fall Victim Recover?

A claimant can seek economic and non-economic damages from a negligent property owner for any losses stemming they incurred due to a tripping accident. Monetary damages often center around medical expenses but can also include personal property damage, lost income, and diminished long-term working capacity due to injury-related disability.

On the other hand, physical “pain and suffering” generally make up the bulk of recoverable non-economic losses. However, a comprehensive case can incorporate other forms of harm like emotional trauma and lost enjoyment of life. A dedicated lawyer in DeSoto could work to accurately value a claim and ensure an injured fall victim receives the compensation they deserve.

Enlist the Help of a Slip and Fall Attorney in DeSoto Today

Even the most sure-footed people may face serious injuries when private landowners fail to keep their property safe. When you fall because of a property owner’s misconduct, they should be responsible for paying for your ensuing injuries and losses.

Fortunately, a DeSoto slip and fall lawyer could provide irreplaceable assistance with achieving that outcome from a civil lawsuit or settlement demand. Call a legal team member today to learn more and get started on your compensation claim.