DeSoto Dangerous Drugs Lawyer

Thanks to the lengthy list of side effects at the ends of commercials for prescription drugs, you are likely aware that the medications you take can be somewhat risky—even under the best circumstances. That said, you have a right to assume your medication is reasonably safe. Likewise, you deserve to know about any potential side effects that might affect you.

When you suffer harm from an unlisted side effect caused by a medication, you should consider speaking with a DeSoto dangerous drugs lawyer about possible civil litigation. While it is possible to hold drug companies liable for injuries stemming from the medications they develop, doing so without a seasoned personal injury attorney’s guidance can be incredibly challenging.

Who is Liable for Defective Drug Injuries?

Rather than traditional negligence, dangerous drug litigation in Texas is generally built around a theory of “strict liability.” Simply put, drug companies are legally obligated to research their products thoroughly before releasing them for public consumption. Likewise, these manufacturers must properly warn doctors and consumers about all known hazards associated with their products. Failure to do either of these things could make them “strictly liable” for the victim’s losses when they stem directly from the medication’s defects.

Unfortunately, modern consumer medications are made by massive multinational corporations with their own private legal teams and millions of dollars dedicated to fighting potential lawsuits against them. That said, a plaintiff hurt by a defective drug has almost no chance of winning their civil claim against a drug manufacturer.

Fortunately, it is possible to pursue mass tort litigation with other people injured by the same drug, allowing multiple plaintiffs with similar causes of legal action to combine resources and pursue compensation together. An experienced attorney in DeSoto could explain dangerous drug cases in further detail and help victims get their claims started.

Recovering Damages Stemming From Dangerous Drugs

While they tend to work differently in practice, dangerous drug lawsuits follow the same rules as other personal injury claims: a drug company found legally liable for a dangerous drug can be held financially accountable for all ensuing losses sustained by the victim. These payments can include past and future, economic and non-economic forms of harm such as:

  • Bills for emergency medical care
  • Long-term medical expenses, including costs of outpatient therapy, additional medications, and assistive equipment like wheelchairs, if applicable
  • Lost work income and diminished long-term earning capacity
  • Physical pain and discomfort
  • Psychological trauma and emotional suffering
  • Lost consortium or overall quality of life

A hardworking DeSoto lawyer could determine what losses are compensable in a hazardous medication claim and fight to get an injured consumer the maximum compensation for their injuries.

Speak With a Capable Dangerous Drugs Attorney in DeSoto Today

Drug companies owe their consumers a duty to provide reasonably safe and sufficiently tested products: not all of them meet that duty to the extent they should. However, holding a drug manufacturer legally accountable for this kind of misconduct is far from a simple task, even if you have substantial evidence supporting your case.

Representation from a DeSoto dangerous drugs lawyer could make all the difference in whether your lawsuit or settlement demand has a positive resolution for you. Call today to learn more about hazardous medication injuries and get started on your case.