DeSoto Dog Bite Lawyer

While domesticated dogs are known to be friendly and lovable companions, canines that have not been appropriately trained or feel threatened can be extremely vicious and dangerous. When an aggressive dog causes your injury through a bite or attack, you need assistance from experienced legal counsel to enforce your legal rights and obtain fair restitution for your losses.

Fortunately, that help is available from a seasoned DeSoto dog bite lawyer with the expertise necessary to guide you through your unique claim. Whether you want to recover through private settlement talks or need to take your case before a civil judge or jury, your dedicated personal injury attorney can provide the support you need to achieve a positive case result.

How State Courts Handle Dog Bite Claims

While Texas law does not establish unique rules for liability in dog bite cases, legal precedent holds that pet owners are subject to the “one-bite rule.” Essentially, a person—whose dog has previously bitten, attacked, or acted aggressively towards another person or animal—should know their dog has the potential to hurt someone else.

In these cases, the owner’s “duty” to keep their dog under control and prevent them from being uncontained near other people is substantial, and as such, the court can determine what constitutes a legally “negligent” breach of that duty. That said, it is not impossible to sue someone over a dog bite if the animal has never acted aggressively in the past.

However, in the former scenario, it is generally easier to establish that the dog’s owner failed to prevent the pet from harming others. Regardless of the circumstances of a dog attack, a seasoned attorney in DeSoto could review the details of the case and determine if the owner is liable for the subsequent injuries.

How to Recover Compensation and Avoid Comparative Fault

A comprehensive claim built following a dog bite injury should account for both the injured victim’s past and future losses resulting from the incident, including:

  • Medical bills relevant to the injury
  • Physical pain and suffering
  • Personal property damage
  • Emotional anguish and psychological trauma
  • Lost work income and diminished earning ability
  • Loss of enjoyment of life
  • Other effects of permanent disability or disfigurement

The court may choose to reduce the amount of compensation available to a plaintiff or bar them from recovering financial damages if it finds that the plaintiff bears partial liability for their own injuries—for example, because they were taunting or provoking the dog that attacked them, or were trespassing on the owner’s property at the time of the attack. Support from a seasoned lawyer can be vital to overcoming allegations of “comparative fault” and maximizing available compensation after a canine bite in DeSoto.

Get in Touch With a Tenacious Dog Bite Attorney in DeSoto Today

Being bitten or attacked by an aggressive dog can cause serious physical injuries and leave deep psychological and emotional scars, all of which could be compensable losses through an ensuing civil claim. However, without guidance from capable legal representation, you may have trouble obtaining payments after an incident like this, let alone the full amount you deserve.

Fortunately, a DeSoto dog bite lawyer’s assistance could make all the difference in how effectively you recover financially, physically, and personally after this kind of traumatic incident. Call today to schedule a consultation.