Fort Worth Traumatic Brain Injury Lawyer

A traumatic brain injury, or TBI, poses a major threat to your overall health. A brain damage accident can affect not just the way that you think, but also many of the other conscious and unconscious body functions. Suffering even a minor head injury could leave you with long-lasting consequences that can forever change your life.

A Fort Worth traumatic brain injury attorney may be able to help you to collect the payments needed to make you whole again. A skilled catastrophic injury attorney could help to gather evidence concerning the brain injury, how that injury has affected your life, and to press for appropriate compensation.

Traumatic Brain Damage and Its Effects

A traumatic brain injury is an event that causes a person’s brain to suffer significant harm. Perhaps the most straightforward is the concussion. A concussion occurs when the brain collides with the interior of the skull. This could result in bruising that leaves a person lightheaded or dizzy. While most concussions will eventually heal, many leave people with post-concussion syndrome that may result in vertigo, a general sense of wooziness, or temporary memory loss.

Other TBIs are more serious. Head injuries that occur from high-impact collisions can lead to brain bleeds that result in life-changing injuries. A person who loses consciousness during a head injury faces the possibility of permanent brain damage. Even a few seconds of oxygen deprivation can damage the brain beyond repair. An attorney in Fort Worth could help people to evaluate the effects of a head injury on their lives and to demand appropriate compensation for their losses.

Legal Liability for Fort Worth Head Wounds

Accidental head injuries can occur in almost any way that other injuries may happen. It is not uncommon for a person to hit their head in car crashes, motorcycle wrecks, slips and falls, or even in dog attacks. Whenever another person is responsible for the incident that results in a TBI claim, that person has the obligation for providing compensation.

People who are at fault for incidents that result in head injuries are responsible to provide compensation to their victims. This applies even when a defendant does not intend to cause any harm. A TBI that results from an accident is just as valid as a TBI lawsuit resulting from an intentional assault. This is because civil law focuses on the rights of people to be made whole again. If a defendant’s actions damage a plaintiff in some way, by inflicting a traumatic brain injury, for instance, that plaintiff has the right to demand payment.

A knowledgeable lawyer could help to prove the case against negligent defendants. This includes gathering the evidence needed to prove the core claim, demanding fair payments, and pursuing cases during settlement talks and in lawsuits.

However, plaintiffs must remain aware of the State’s laws concerning modified comparative negligence. Tex. Civ. Prac. & Rem. Code §33.003 says that juries in negligence cases must examine the actions of all people involved to assign blame in a case. As a result, if a jury believes that a plaintiff is partially responsible for the incident that led to their TBI, that jury must reduce their award. A jury that believes that a plaintiff is more than 50 percent to blame prohibits any damages from being awarded to the injured person. A Fort Worth TBI attorney could work to counter any attempts made by defendants to place blame onto a plaintiff for their injuries.

A Fort Worth Traumatic Brain Injury Lawyer May be Able to Help

A central concept in Fort Worth law is that all people are responsible for the results of their negligence. Even if a person did not intend to cause harm, they must accept the consequences of their actions. This applies to cases where people suffer long-lasting, severe harm such as traumatic brain injuries. These accidents can result in permanent brain damage that affects every portion of a person’s life.

A Fort Worth traumatic brain injury lawyer could help you to pursue the compensation that you deserve. In many cases, this compensation comes as the result of brain injury settlements without ever going to court. This can include money used to pay medical bills, to cover any lost income, and to make up for any general loss of quality of life. Call our legal team to help you with your lawsuit today.