Fort Worth Back Injury Lawyer

Back and neck pain is a common symptom following an accident that results in an injury. The back serves as the foundation for the entire body, and as a result, a spine injury may cause problems with your neck, shoulders, hips, and legs.

A back injury may be the result of a variety of incidents that are another party’s fault. Even a simple car accident, a slip, and fall, or an assault may result in a variety of conditions that lead to back problems. These can include sciatica, herniated disks, and spinal stenosis. Many of these injuries can last for years and will have a permanent effect on your health and quality of life.

A Fort Worth back injury lawyer could help you to collect the compensation needed to set things right. An experienced catastrophic injury attorney could work to evaluate the strength of your case, to measure your losses, and to collect appropriate payments from at-fault defendants.

Why a Back Injury is Always Significant

A back injury will have an overall effect on a person’s quality of life and health. Something as simple as back spasms can cause debilitating pain that leaves a person bedridden. More severe conditions such as degenerative disk disease, spondylolisthesis, and even vertebral fractures are permanent conditions that will never fully heal.

Even aggressive treatments may not bring relief. It is not uncommon for doctors to recommend spine surgery as a path to recovery. Still, these options may not bring permanent recovery. Procedures such as a laminectomy to relieve spinal pressure, sciatica pain relief surgery, and general back surgeries may never bring a patient back to full health.

As a result, many neck or back injuries are permanent. If a plaintiff has endured any type of spine surgery as the result of a defendant’s actions, that defendant has the obligation to provide compensation for not just the costs of medical treatment, but also for any loss of quality of life. A Fort Worth lawyer could help plaintiffs collect the compensation they deserve after back injuries.

The Legal Impact of a Fort Worth Back Injury

It is a simple fact that all people are responsible for the results of their actions. This certainly applies in the case of intentional acts that result in injuries like assaults or robberies. However, many people who are at fault after accidents must also provide compensation to their victims. Drivers, property owners, and even product manufacturers all have a duty to protect other people. A failure to provide this protection that results in an injury creates civil liability.

Pursuing a Claim

A knowledgeable attorney in Fort Worth could help plaintiffs pursue their cases following a back injury. They can help to gather the evidence that points to defendant fault, to leverage this evidence into a claim for damages, and to pursue that claim during settlement talks and, if necessary, in court to obtain the compensation needed to set things right. However, potential plaintiffs must be sure to act swiftly. Tex. Civ. Prac. & Rem. Code §16.003 says that people have only two years from the date of an injury to pursue a claim. Especially in cases involving backaches, neck pain, and general back problems, this time limit can approach quickly.

A Fort Worth Back Injury Attorney Could Help

Suffering an injury that results in chronic neck, back, or shoulder pain can have a lasting influence on your life. Relatively minor injuries to these body parts that result in soreness or mild pain may be little more than a nuisance. However, this pain is often indicative of more significant injuries such as spinal stenosis or sciatica that may grow worse over time. Many of these conditions will necessitate surgery to relieve pressure on the spine, to correct a herniated disk, or even to fuse the vertebral bones.

Regardless of the severity of a neck or back injury, if another person is responsible for that injury, they carry legal liability. This includes an obligation to provide payments to cover the cost of medical care, to reimburse you for any lost wages, and even to provide payments for pain and suffering. A Fort Worth back injury lawyer could help you to pursue your case for these damages. Contact our legal representatives today to schedule an appointment.