Fort Worth Paralysis Injury Lawyer

If you have been in an accident injuring or severing your spinal cord, you are now dealing with paralysis issues, which are devastating and costly. When your body function is dramatically impaired, you might not fully recover and may require medical care for your lifetime.

If someone else caused your debilitating accident, you deserve compensation to pay for the long road back to health or to ensure your future includes rehabilitation and long-term care if necessary. A Fort Worth paralysis injury lawyer could help get you the compensation you need to rebuild your life. Reach out to a knowledgeable catastrophic injury attorney about your legal options.

What is a Spinal Cord Injury?

Anyone injured in an accident in which the spinal cord sustains injuries should be transported to a hospital to allow medical professionals to identify where the damage occurred along the spinal cord. Doctors will determine how severe the injury is.

Spinal cord injuries are either complete or incomplete. Paralysis is incomplete if the victim displayed limited movement and has some feeling in the extremities. Paralysis is complete if the victim cannot feel anything below the injury. Paralysis is defined as either tetraplegia, which affects the entire body, or paraplegia, affecting only the lower body. A Fort Worth spinal trauma injury attorney could weigh the ramifications of a paralyzing accident against a client’s future needs for rehabilitation or compensation if paralysis is permanent.

Spinal Cord Accidents in Fort Worth

Vehicular accidents cause more spinal cord injuries resulting in paralysis than any other type of catastrophe. These are not the only ones that can result in devasting head or neck trauma. Alcohol fuels one of every four spinal cord injuries. Paralysis accidents include:

  • Slip and fall accidents, overwhelmingly by seniors who fall in the bathtub or down a flight of stairs
  • Violent crimes that result in spinal cord damage, such as shootings and stabbings
  • Sports activities, such as gymnastics, diving, water and snow skiing, and horseback riding
  • Professional and school sports, such as football, wrestling, and soccer

A Fort Worth paralysis injury attorney could investigate an accident to determine what compensation is available.

Compensation is Crucial

When faced with a paralyzing accident caused by someone else, plaintiffs accrue extensive medical bills and a long journey to function again. The culprit should pay, and that is where a local personal injury attorney comes in. An attorney can seek compensatory damages that include payment for calculable expenses, such as medical care and lost wages.

Damages can also include the more elusive non-economic amount, including the emotional trauma of being rendered incapacitated and the loss of consortium with a spouse.

In rare cases, an attorney could seek punitive damages to punish a wrongdoer that perpetrated the harmful act maliciously, intentionally, or egregiously. Punitive damages are exemplary damages under Texas Civil Practice and Remedies Code Sec. 41.001 (5). According to the Texas Damages Act, exemplary damages are capped at twice the compensatory damages plus up to an additional $750,000. A local lawyer can explain in detail how damages are the critical elements of a client’s case.

A Fort Worth Paralysis Injury Attorney is Standing By to Help

Spinal cord injuries can devastate your life in the blink of an eye. You could be a vibrant person transformed into a paralyzed one by one reckless person’s act.

A Fort Worth paralysis injury lawyer is now available to speak with you about your options if you have been injured in a paralyzing accident. We can assess your situation and fight for justice and the compensation you deserve. Call today for a consultation.