Investigating Fort Worth Pedestrian Accidents

There are many things that occur following a motor vehicle collision involving pedestrians. After a collision, it is best to make sure all involved are medically sound. A responsible driver is legally required to offer assistance after the occurrence of an accident. This means helping fellow drivers, passengers, and pedestrians affected by the crash. After rendering help, the driver is required to remain at the scene until a law enforcement officer arrives.

After seeking medical help, it is best to retain the services of a seasoned attorney who has experience investigating Fort Worth pedestrian accidents. A skilled pedestrian accident lawyer could ensure your rights are protected and could help you seek compensation for all of your damages.

The Use of Police Investigations

When the police respond to the accident scene, there is normally an accident report. These reports are valuable evidence that carries a lot of weight with the insurance companies. The report usually includes the officer’s opinion of who is at fault, a diagram of the accident, sometimes witness statements and any citations issued to the drivers.

Collecting Necessary Evidence

An experienced attorney should handle pedestrian accident cases on a daily basis and know what to collect to justify getting a good settlement. It is best to reach out to a pedestrian accident lawyer as quickly as possible to gather the necessary evidence before it is lost.

Witness statements, especially witnesses who have no relationship to the pedestrian, pictures, and videos, are extremely important. Pictures from red light cameras, traffic cameras, or security cameras are frequently helpful. Skid marks and cellphone records sometimes show the negligent driver was talking on the cellphone or texting at the time of the accident.

Overlooked Evidence

Evidence that is often overlooked by non-attorneys includes road conditions, visibility, the scene of the intersection, statements made by involved parties, and witness statements. All of these have specific meanings to attorneys who practice pedestrian accident cases on a regular basis. These things may be overlooked by laypeople without proper legal training. A thorough investigation of pedestrian accidents is one of the benefits of a knowledgeable lawyer.

Speaking to Insurance Companies

A pedestrian should not talk to the other driver’s insurance company when there is the potential for anyone involved in the accident to have a personal injury claim. The other party’s insurance company is not looking out for the injured person’s best interests. The individual should turn the claim over to a pedestrian accident lawyer as soon as possible.

What If a Driver Flees The Scene?

There are penalties for a driver who leaves the scene of an accident that leads to an injury. Penalties for leaving the scene of a crash that results in the death of a person are even more serious.

The first thing an injured person should do if the driver flees the scene is to record all the visible details of the vehicle, including color, model, make, and license plate number if they can get it. They should talk to witnesses and take their information down. If the vehicle is damaged, they should take photos to serve as evidence.

The next step is to record a statement with the police to give them all the important information regarding the incident to increase the chances of finding and apprehending the runaway driver. The pedestrian could potentially report this to their insurance company, especially if they have personal injury protection in place.

Reach Out to a Pedestrian Accident Attorney for Help

Pedestrian accidents often occur in Fort Worth and can cause severe damages. Immediately after seeking medical treatment, you should seek help from an experienced personal injury attorney. A skilled lawyer could help with investigating Oak Lawn pedestrian accidents to help you seek the compensation you need for damages. Schedule a consultation today to learn more about how an attorney could help your case.