Steps to Take after a Pedestrian Accident in Fort Worth

Pedestrians are often at a great risk of injury when walking near or close to a road and street. Following a motor vehicle accident, individuals are often unsure of what to do next and the steps they should take to protect themselves. When someone is involved in a pedestrian accident, they should get immediate medical help. If they are unable to use their phone, they should ask a bystander to call 911 to the scene immediately.

If someone hits a pedestrian with their car, they should call the police. In many states, this is a legal requirement. They should never leave the scene of an accident until the police arrive. Leaving the scene before this could have serious legal consequences and may be considered a hit-and-run accident involving criminal charges. The police collect information and write a report. In their statement to police officers, the injured person should explain the facts honestly. They should not say they feel fine even if they do.

It is best to reach out to a knowledgeable attorney to learn about the steps to take after a pedestrian accident in Fort Worth. A skilled pedestrian accident lawyer could protect your rights and help you be in the best position to recover compensation for damages.

Seeking Medical Attention

A person should seek medical attention immediately after a pedestrian accident, even if they do not think they are seriously injured. Doing so will accomplish two important goals including ensuring their injuries are properly identified and treated and creating an official medical record documenting the injuries, their severity, and any treatment they need.

Importance of Follow-Up Treatment

In the days and weeks after the accident, the individual should follow their doctor’s treatment plan, follow up with care instructions and visits, and record any new symptoms that appear.

It is important that one follows up with their doctor after a pedestrian accident because delayed treatment might reduce the final settlement. If they wait too long to see a doctor, an insurance company might think they faked their injuries because no one hides a serious injury, especially when it is from an auto accident.

As a result, the insurance company may choose to reduce the final settlement or even dispute the case. Delaying treatment may make a claim appear invalid, and that is not a situation one wants to be in, especially if they depend on the compensation to pay their medical bills.

The injury might worsen if they are not able to get effective treatment. Whether it is a back, head, or neck injury, it might worsen to the point that additional treatment is needed. This could mean higher medical bills than if the injury was treated early on.

A person might not immediately realize that they suffered an injury. Often, pedestrian accident victims die or deal with lifelong problems because of a concussion or internal injury. Life-threatening injuries to the spinal cord and concussions may not show up immediately after the accident. The person may only realize they are injured later when they make a particular movement.

Visiting a doctor enables the doctor to provide proper documents needed by a car accident attorney to win the case. The last thing one would want after a pedestrian accident is to be unable to regain their losses or pay their medical bills. This could happen if they are not in a position to defend their case. Seeing a doctor immediately after the accident helps the individual recover faster and allows them to provide the vital documents their lawyer needs to win the case.

Medical Coverage

The time for receiving full personal injury protection coverage is limited. Carrying personal injury protection coverage increases the chances of getting a coverage for medical bills. It does not matter who is at fault for the accident. The insurance company adheres to the agreement on the limits of their insurance policy. This is another reason it is important to see a doctor immediately, especially before that time period expires.

Additional Steps to Take After Calling 911

After seeking medical attention and speaking to law enforcement officers, there are several other steps to take after a pedestrian accident. Those who have been involved in a pedestrian accident should collect the driver’s and witness information. The police have to collect this information, but the injured person should get it, as well. They should get the driver’s name and insurance information. If the accident is a hit and run, the individual should report anything they remember about the car to police officers and ask bystanders to do the same.

Additionally, individuals should record the details of the accident. The person could use the voice recorder feature of their phone or write down everything they remember about the accident as soon as they are able to do so. They may lose their memory of the moments surrounding the accident, which is common. If this happens, it is important to ask bystanders to record what they saw.

Let a Pedestrian Accident Attorney Help

Those who have been injured in a pedestrian accident should contact a seasoned attorney to discuss their legal rights. The attorney can help them build their case and receive the compensation they need. Call today to learn about the steps to take after a pedestrian accident in Fort Worth.