Preventing a Fort Worth Pedestrian Accident

When an automobile driver speeds, drives while distracted, and fails to follow the rules of the road, they could cause a severe accident. In Fort Worth, pedestrians are extremely at risk of being injured in a collision. There are many steps individuals could take to preventing a Fort Worth pedestrian accident. Speak to a knowledgeable pedestrian accident attorney to learn about various safety measures individuals could take to prevent a collision.

How Pedestrians Could Protect Themselves From a Collision

There are several safety measures that pedestrians could take to avoid a crash with a motor vehicle. One safety measure a person could take to help prevent pedestrian accidents is to stick to designated crossing areas. The Texas Department of Transportation plans for safe roads for drivers and pedestrians. When an individual is on foot, it is best to stay in designated pedestrian crossing areas. These areas have traffic control devices that allow them to cross safely.

Look for Motor Vehicles

Pedestrians should not expect drivers to see them. Unfortunately, drivers do not always pay attention as they should. The pedestrian’s best bet is to make sure traffic stops before they cross the intersection even when they have the right of way.

Pedestrians should look around and stop for vehicles. A vehicle in front of them might say they did not stop while the car behind should not stop, too. They might try to drive around the first vehicle quickly. The pedestrian should be careful of this possibility and look for any additional penalties as they continue through a crosswalk. Even if they are moving around parked cars, it is worth the extra look to make sure no other cars are around them.

Move Away from The Street

Those walking on foot should move far away when a driver needs to stops their car on the street. Some of the most serious pedestrian accidents occur when drivers stop their vehicles on the side of a highway. Other drivers continue to travel at a high rate of speed and may not always pay attention to what is on the shoulder of the road.

When a person must stop their vehicle on the side of the road, they should make sure they leave as much space as possible between them and the roadway. They should not stand right by the roadway. Leaving extra space between them and the street can give them and drivers the additional time to avoid an accident.

Whether one is driving or on foot, they should slow down and take time to look around. It helps to avoid accidents.

Safety Measures Drivers Could Take To Prevent Accidents

Motor vehicle drivers should take extra precautions to prevent accidents. Drivers could take several steps to ensure a collision does not occur. For example,  drivers should slow down in pedestrian areas to give those on foot extra time to react. Pedestrians can be unpredictable. Even a fraction of a second can make a difference when it comes to avoiding a pedestrian accident. Driving slowly gives the driver extra time to properly respond to pedestrians in their path.

Look Out for School Zones

Drivers should observe school bus rules and school crossing signs. There are special rules for drivers near school buses and school zones because students do not always think to look both ways or avoid darting into a busy street. When a school crossing guard gives the driver a signal and a glance, they should make sure to follow it. School buses can be hard to see around, and drivers should never take the chance of

Driving While Intoxicated

Finally, people should not drive under the influence. Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs reduces one’s reaction time. Pedestrians do not know if drivers are under the influence. Driving under the influence puts the driver at risk and could endanger pedestrians and other drivers around them, so people should drive sober.

Guidelines For Walking At Night

When someone is walking at night, it is always good to be safe and seen. Pedestrians should make themselves visible to drivers. If someone is out at night, they should wear bright, light-colored clothing and reflective materials if possible. They should carry a flashlight and cross streets in well-lit areas. A pedestrian should clear buses, engines, sports cars, or other obstacles before crossing so drivers can see them.

Speak to a Pedestrian Accident Attorney Today

While on the road, automobile drivers and pedestrians should take steps to prevent a collision. This includes paying attention to the road and following safety signs. An experienced pedestrian accident attorney could help you learn about common safety measures individuals could take to prevent a crash. Call today to learn about preventing a Fort Worth pedestrian accident.