Pedestrian Accident Scenarios in Fort Worth

Pedestrian accidents happen everyday in Fort Worth, from someone being bumped in a crosswalk, to a catastrophically injuring hit-and-run. Because the opportunities for someone on foot to get hurt vary so greatly, there are many pedestrian accident scenarios in Fort Worth that you should be aware of. If you or a loved on has been injured as a pedestrian, it is essential that you consult a dedicated attorney right away to preserve your right to seek compensation. A knowledgeable pedestrian accident attorney could investigate the cause of the crash and help you hold the negligent party responsible for your damages.

Pedestrians Hit in Crosswalks

Crosswalks in Fort Worth often provide pedestrians with a false sense of security. Many crosswalks are insufficiently marked and lack flashing lights, stop signs, or other warnings to alert drivers well in advance to slow down and yield to people crossing the street.

Although federal standards have changed to allow pedestrians more crossing time, many cities failed to adjust the timing of their crosswalk signals. For slower walkers and people crossing with children, this may cause trouble, especially on large multi-lane streets and highways.

Cars Backing Up into Somebody

Pedestrian accidents involving cars backing up in Fort Worth happen all too often. A pedestrian is hit by a car backing up because the driver was not paying attention or was driving recklessly. Such accidents often happen off the beaten path and in normally pedestrian-friendly zones like parking lots and sidewalks. Regardless of where they happen, they can be every bit as devastating as pedestrian accidents that happen in roadways and crosswalks.

Almost all accidents that involve a pedestrian hit by a car backing up share a tremendous amount in common. They nearly always happen in the same manner. A person is standing, walking, or paused behind an automobile and the driver puts their car in reverse and steps on the accelerator. The person on foot may be in one of the driver’s blind spots or the driver did not look behind them. In the driver’s mind, the pedestrian does not exist.

People on Foot Who Are Hit in Parking Lots

Vehicles pose a danger for unsuspecting pedestrians walking back to their cars, into the mall, or into a store. In most of these cases, drivers are found to be at fault in causing these accidents.

One common reason parking lot pedestrian accidents happen is distracted driving. It is always dangerous for motorists to be distracted, whether it is talking on the cellphone, texting, or adjusting instrument controls when drivers are surrounded by pedestrians in busy parking lots.

Accidentally pushing the wrong pedal is another cause of a pedestrian accident. Some pedestrian accidents occur when a driver pushes down the accelerator instead of the brake. It is one of the most common reasons for parking lot accidents caused by senior citizens.

Additionally, any driver focused on searching for a parking space who fails to pay attention to their surroundings could cause an accident. Small children are often the victims of these tragic accidents because of their size as it may be difficult for even careful drivers to see them.

Parking lots usually have many pedestrians. Every car comes in and parks, and the driver gets out of the car and walks, but it is generally rare for a parking lot to have sidewalks. Pedestrians should keep out of traffic lanes, but they usually have to share the traffic lanes with cars.

Vehicles Turning Right on a Red Light

Drivers are supposed to be courteous and attentive in heavy-traffic situations when learning to drive. Making right turns has been programmed into driving habits and drivers often make turns without taking the proper precautions. A common accident scenario involving right-hand turns in Fort Worth is when a driver hits a bicycle or pedestrian because they failed to look carefully enough at the crosswalk as they are looking into the lane of oncoming traffic.

Buses Hitting Pedestrians

There are several causes at play in the vast majority of bus accidents. One is driver distraction. Drivers know that it is not a good idea to multitask behind the wheel. Children are taught to not distract the bus driver as part of school bus safety training. Even just one or two disruptive children could create a significant distraction.

Additionally, many people have a false sense of security when they wait for a bus, regardless of whether it is a school bus, commuter bus, city transit bus, or tour bus. As they wait, they assume the bus driver is aware of the stop and knows when to slow down to pick up passengers, but if they are unaware and the driver makes an error, the pedestrian may become seriously injured.

Accidents at Stop Signs

Another common pedestrian accident scenario in Fort Worth is when reckless drivers may disregard stop signs, traffic signals, and stop lights that facilitate traffic and keep crosswalks and sidewalks safe. Drivers often ignore these and pedestrians are injured as a result, so it is important that pedestrians watch for reckless drivers for their own safety.

Learn More About Pedestrian Accidents from an Attorney Today

Pedestrian accidents could happen at any time, leading to grievous injuries that could incur extensive costs to recuperate from. Since there are so many pedestrian accident scenarios in Fort Worth, it may be wise to speak with an attorney who is experienced in handling these cases. To get started on your claim, call a local lawyer today.