Common Causes of Fort Worth Truck Accidents

There are many reasons why a truck accident could occur. The most common causes of Fort Worth truck accidents include driver error, fatigue, poor training, speeding, and intoxication. When a big rig driver causes an accident, they could be held liable for damages.

Reach out to a knowledgeable truck accident attorney to learn about your legal rights and options following a tractor-trailer collision.

What Might Cause a Local Truck Crash?

There are many things that could cause a commercial vehicle driver to collide with another vehicle, including but not limited to:

Driver Fatigue

The most common cause of truck accidents is fatigue due to overworked drivers. Often, drivers have to cover long distances for many hours with little rest. This is mainly caused by owners of trucking companies demanding the delivery of goods to destinations in a short period of time.

Truck drivers find themselves under a lot of pressure to deliver within set deadlines and this often leads to little quality sleepover the course of a run. The ongoing fatigue causes drivers to lose concentration and coordination, and sometimes they end up sleeping on the wheel.

Distracted Motorists

Distracted driving is another cause. Over the course of driving for long hours over long distances, drivers get bored on the road and often look for something to just keep them occupied. The urge to kill their boredom could lead to several things. Most commonly, it is using their phones to read, text, make phone calls, or even visit social media while going down the road. Changing the radio station in the truck has also been attributed to distracted driving, leading to accidents on the road.

Intoxication Due to Drugs and Alcohol

Another cause would be alcohol and drug abuse. Many truck drivers have been found guilty of using alcohol and drugs while on the job. Sometimes they take legal or even illegal substances to help them stay awake because of the demand to get loads delivered on time.

Poor Driver Training and Truck Maintenance

Another common cause of Fort Worth truck accidents includes poor driver training and truck maintenance. Before truck drivers are allowed to drive the large commercial vehicles on the roads and highways, they are required to put in a certain amount of training hours and to meet certain minimum requirements. However, not all truck drivers adhere to these guidelines, and that results in a poorly-trained driver with little experience behind the wheel.

Also, truck drivers are required by law to maintain their trucks and keep them in top condition before hitting the road, but they do not always do this. This is due to the cost involved, and it takes time to maintain the trucks. They could use that valuable time in making the deliveries as opposed to maintaining the vehicles.

Driving Over The Speed Limit

Another cause of accidents is speeding and overtaking. Truck owners usually demand that truck drivers get to their destinations within a specific time period. It is not always achievable, and many factors contribute to that, including poor weather conditions and traffic. Due to the pressure that drivers are put under to meet these deadlines, including the risk of losing their job, oftentimes, drivers exceed the speed limit.

The overtaking by these big trucks at breakneck speed forces oncoming drivers and smaller cars to veer off the road, leading to crashes, most of which are fatal. Over-speeding also has the effect of significantly reducing reaction time. When driving at high speeds, drivers may be required to brake immediately or suddenly veer into another section of the road when at high speed.

After a truck accident, a seasoned Fort Worth attorney could examine any relevant evidence to pinpoint blame and determine the best path towards compensation.

Discuss Common Causes of Fort Worth Truck Accidents with an Attorney

Immediately following a tractor-trailer collision, it is best to seek help from a seasoned attorney. An experienced lawyer who understands the common causes of Fort Worth truck accidents could help you seek the compensation you need to move forward. They could investigate the incident and determine which party may be liable for damages.

Speak to a truck accident attorney to discuss your case and your legal options.