Fort Worth Side-Impact Truck Collision Lawyer

Side-impact truck collisions are when the front-end of one vehicle hits the side of another vehicle. These types of accidents are also known as T-bone collisions and can lead to catastrophic outcomes.

If you or a loved one were injured in a side-impact truck accident, you might be entitled to compensation. A Fort Worth side-impact truck collision lawyer could advocate for you and help you recover. Call today and set up a consultation with an accomplished truck crash attorney.

Steps To Take Following a Truck Wreck

The first thing one should do after a side-impact collision is to stay at the scene and call the authorities if possible. They should check to see if everyone is okay and seek medical attention if necessary. In an accident with a truck, getting medical care right away can be critical. Once the police arrive, they can help with gathering witness accounts and creating a crash report.

If able to do so, the individual should take pictures of the scene, capture videos, and record audio. Collecting evidence as soon as possible is crucial to proving negligence. Having a fresh record of the facts could be imperative as details tend to change or can be forgotten with the passage of time. Sometimes, these truck crash lawsuits could take months and beyond to reach their conclusion.

The person should exchange information with the other drivers involved, which include their name, phone number, driver’s license number, license plate number, insurance carrier, and insurance policy number.

They should avoid making any statements about the crash and reach out to a side-impact truck collision lawyer in Fort Worth. An attorney could advise the person on what steps they should take and mistakes to avoid to maximize their claim.

Common Effects of a Truck Side-Impact Collision

There are many effects of a side-impact truck collision. When a vehicle is hit on the side by the front of an oncoming vehicle traveling at a high speed, the damage can be substantial. Even though many cars now have side airbags, there is a reduced buffer between the colliding vehicle and the people inside the vehicle that is hit, making injuries more likely. T-bone wrecks cause certain types of trauma to passengers such as whiplash, head and face trauma, broken bones, spinal or back injuries, internal trauma, and many other serious damages. Some of these injuries like spinal injuries can be life-altering and progress over time. Due to the size and weight difference as well as the force of an 18-wheeler can assert on smaller vehicles, these types of trucking accidents can be especially severe and cause extensive damage and injuries.

Side-Impact Truck Accident Damages

A person involved in a side-impact collision can file a personal injury lawsuit in Texas to sue for economic and non-economic compensatory damages. Economic damages are generally those that have a clear dollar value like medical bills, lost wages, and car repairs. Non-economic damages can be more difficult to assess and include things like pain and suffering. A side-impact truck accident attorney in Fort Worth could help an injured victim recover damages following a collision.

Call a Fort Worth Side-Impact Truck Collision Attorney

A Fort Worth side-impact truck collision lawyer could determine fault, calculate damages, and recover the compensation you deserve. If you have been injured in an accident caused by a negligent truck driver, it is only fair that you are able to recover damages. Call today and set up a consultation to get started on your claim.