Tanker Truck Accidents in Fort Worth

Tanker trucks are at even higher risk than other big trucks in an accident. Just like other large trucks, they are heavy, which makes them more challenging to maneuver and slower to stop. They also have blind spots on all four sides of the vehicles.

Rather than a rectangular container, tanker trucks have a cylindrical container that carries liquids. The contents of the tanker trucks can present an additional hazard in a tanker truck accident. They may be toxic, can make roads slippery, and can present an environmental hazard. In addition, they may be flammable, increasing the risk of fires after an accident. If you were injured in a tanker truck accident, it is important to recognize that you could have options for legal and financial recourse. Call us to discuss a claim based on a tanker truck accident in Fort Worth.

Tanker Truck Loads

Tanker trucks can carry any liquid. They may also carry compressed gases, which are in liquid form in the tanker. Their contents can range from relatively harmless to extremely dangerous. They may carry water, waste, food products, chemicals, concrete, and more. In the Fort Worth area, these tanker trucks are often carrying liquid petroleum products like oil, gasoline, and natural gas.

Often, these loads are hazardous. They are often pressurized, which can increase the risk of explosions or fires after an accident. Hazardous chemicals can cause additional injuries in the event of a crash, such as chemical burns and illnesses.

Oil Field Injuries

Not all tanker truck accidents happen on the road. Tanker trucks are often out in oil fields, putting workers there at risk of injuries. Trucks carrying petroleum products are prone to explosions and fires.

Texas does not require workers’ comp coverage, so not all workplace injuries will have those protections. When they do not, the injured employee must demonstrate that the trucker was negligent in causing the injury. A lawyer who handles tanker truck accidents in or around Fort Worth could help with collecting evidence and establishing fault.

Roadway Accidents

Tanker truck accidents are often the result of driver negligence. The same factors that lead to other truck accidents — distraction, speeding, driver fatigue, aggressive driving, intoxication, etc. — all contribute to tanker truck accidents. However, the trucker is not always the one responsible for the accidents.

Sometimes, the vehicle owner is negligent. Failing to maintain a truck properly can lead to an accident. So can failing to load or pressurize the tank properly. If the tank is improperly loaded, trucks are at higher risk for rollovers. A Forth Worth tanker truck accident lawyer could help determine the exact cause of a crash and hold the negligent party accountable.

Call Us To Learn About Your Options After a Fort Worth Tanker Truck Accident

Tanker truck wrecks are often dangerous and can be deadly. In addition to the vehicles involved in the wreck, they can impact people in a relatively large radius because of their potential for fires, spills, and explosions. Anyone injured by the wreck may have a potential claim against the trucker and the trucking company. This includes oilfield workers, who are at particular risk of injuries when these tankers are in the oil field and full of petroleum products.

If you or a loved one has been injured in a wreck, a lawyer could be able to help you recover the payments you need. Schedule a free consultation to find out more about tanker truck accident claims in Fort Worth.