Common Injuries in Fort Worth Truck Accidents

Many truck accidents are fatal, but if the party involved was fortunate enough to survive, they may have sustained severe injuries. The most common injuries in Fort Worth truck accidents include back and neck injuries, such as minor neck pain or even more severe injuries like dislocated discs in the spine. Since a person’s spinal cord and neck are crucial to body movement, these injuries often prevent victims from returning to work and affect their daily activities.

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Head Trauma

Head injuries are common in truck accidents. Head trauma in an accident can result in an injury to the brain, which may be life-altering. Brain injuries can occur even in the absence of direct trauma to the head because of whiplash, rapid acceleration, or deceleration.

These injuries may not be immediately apparent, and sustaining a brain injury does not necessarily mean being knocked unconscious. Symptoms may develop, including confusion, nausea, vision problems, and various cognitive difficulties. Head injuries often cause a loss of cognitive and motor functions.

Some people will never be the same after suffering a brain injury, and brain injuries could include what is called traumatic brain injuries or TBI, which is a serious condition that can result from either open-head trauma, which is when the skull is penetrated, or closed-head injuries. Bleeding of the brain or its lining, subdural hematoma and coma can all result from a car crash. A TBI may result in lasting personality, and mood changes and can cause impaired cognitive functions.

Spinal Cord Injuries

Seatbelts are there to protect, and people should always use one, but seatbelts can also cause injuries like whiplash. Next would be spinal cord injuries and even paralysis. Truck accident injuries to the spinal cord can be devastating and lead to paralysis, and this type of damage is not always apparent. That is why anyone who suffers an injury in a truck accident should always seek medical attention as soon as possible. MRIs will detect injuries that X-rays may miss.

Organ and Internal Damage

Internal injuries are also common tractor-trailer collision injuries. Powerful blunt trauma from crashes can cause internal bleeding in organs like the bladder, liver, kidney, pancreas, and spleen. These types of injuries can be difficult to treat Another type of injury would be lacerations. Cuts and lacerations from truck accidents can be painful and often leave nasty scars that may never heal. Next would be rib and torso injuries. Truck crash injuries to ribs and torso can also be severe, as the ribcage protects the body’s vital organs.

Burn Injuries and Broken Bones

Burn injuries can occur when a truck is carrying hazardous material, hazmat for short, or if a truck accident causes a fire-related to diesel fuel or gasoline. Burns may be fatal or may cause scarring and permanent disfigurement. They are painful and leave victims vulnerable to infection and other complications.

Unfortunately, many times, wrongful death occurs. Tractor-trailer accidents are ten times more likely to result in a fatal accident than crashes with other cars. If a truck accident kills a loved one, only a truck accident attorney with experience can hold the company responsible. They can seek the compensation necessary for their family to try to move forward.

Number two would be broken and fractured bones. As a knowledgeable Fort Worth lawyer could explain, truck crashes are powerful because these are carrying a lot of weight, and this means bones can more easily be broken than wrecks involving cars.

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Tractor-trailer collisions could cause significant damage and severe injuries. Those who have been involved in a truck accident may sustain long-term or permanent injuries such as severe head injuries and spinal trauma. Long-term injuries could be costly and cause significant financial hardships. Fortunately, the party who caused your accident may be required to pay you compensation for your damages.

A knowledgeable truck accident attorney could use the accident report, medical reports, history, scans, and x-rays to prove the severity of your injuries. With the help of an attorney, you may be eligible to recover compensation for damages such as medical expenses, pain and suffering, mental anguish, and loss of enjoyment of life. Call today to learn about the common injuries in Fort Worth truck accidents and your eligibility to recover compensation for your damages.