Leash Laws in Southlake

Responsible dog owners should keep their four-legged companion on a leash in public places to prevent the dog from attacking or biting others or their dogs and protect it from being attacked or hit by a car.

Dog owners must rely on city and county ordinances to know they are managing their pets properly. Failing to follow leash laws in Southlake can mean injuries to others and lawsuits concerning those injuries. When you are injured because an owner failed to leash their dog, a knowledgeable dog bite attorney could help you hold them responsible.

Dogs at Large and Properly Containing Them Outside

According to Southlake Code of Ordinance Number 1069, owners can be fined in cases of dogs found at large on the streets, meaning the dog is not confined on its owner’s property, such as behind a fence or on a leash if there is no fence. Their dogs can be confiscated and held by animal control, or destroyed in some cases if an officer deems it appropriate.

Since it is illegal under state law to chain any animal outdoors, owners must use a trolley system so the dog can move freely and exercise within its range. Owners must also check on their tethered dogs regularly to ensure they are safe and have not escaped.

Using a Leash Restraint

Whenever owners walk their dogs, they must use a suitable leash and refrain from letting their dogs defecate on private property. Owners must carry containers in which the dog’s fecal matter is deposited from the sidewalk or public right-of-way, which is an important addition to the law because owners who allow dogs to defecate on private property can cause accidents when the property owner or a guest falls after stepping in it. An attorney who is knowledgeable about Southlake leash laws could analyze how an accident happens and determine where liability lies.

Exceptions to Southlake Leash Laws

Some situations exempt owners from leashing their dog, however, they are still responsible for any damage or harm done to others by their dog. These exceptions include:

  • During the dog’s training period
  • When the dog is herding livestock
  • If the dog contributes to cultivating agriculture
  • If the dog is in a no-leash zone, such as a dog park
  • When the dog is fenced in with no access to public areas
  • At camping or recreational areas where the area has their own requirements

Failing to control a dog or letting it run loose and harm someone could result in a lawsuit by a stranger attacked by the dog. Our attorneys could seek compensation from negligent dog owners and those who failed to control their dog’s dangerous behavior under the leash laws in Southlake.

Contact a Lawyer When an Owner Breaks Leash Laws in Southlake

Dogs can get excited, aggressive, frightened, or loose, which is why all owners are responsible for using a leash to restrain them to avoid injuries to others and to dogs who run loose in traffic.

Dog attacks and dog bites do not end when the attack is over. The owner, depending on the circumstances, could be liable for paying compensation when their dog injures you, including medical care, lost wages, emotional trauma, and any property loss. When you are bitten or attacked by someone’s dog because they did not follow leash laws in Southlake, call our firm to schedule a private consultation.