Southlake Catastrophic Dog Bite Lawyer

Getting bitten by someone else’s dog is a distressing ordeal, physically and emotionally. When you are bitten by a dog and suffer catastrophic injuries, you may still experience nightmares long after the wounds have healed. All dogs could show aggression when protecting their territory, frightened, or being pestered. However, some inflict such severe damage that their owners should be held accountable for.

Catastrophic injuries are those that cause life-altering changes that often keep those involved from gainful employment. If you are unable to work, are disfigured, or must now live with a life-altering injury, a Southlake catastrophic dog bite lawyer could assess your case and navigate your legal options with you.

Civil Liability for Catastrophic Dog Bites

People injured by dog bites could recover their losses by filing a civil liability lawsuit asking for compensation for economic and non-economic damages. Prevailing in such cases typically hinges on establishing either strict liability or negligence. Negligence involves plaintiffs proving defendants had a responsibility to control their dogs and prevent the attack but failed to live up to that responsibility, resulting in the dog attacking and biting the plaintiff.

Strict liability involves proving the defendant knew or should have known their dog was dangerous. The Texas Health and Safety Code § 822.041 is akin to the one bite rule many states have adopted. Dogs with a history of attacking people are considered dangerous, and owners could be held strictly liable for subsequent attacks even if they were not negligent. After a catastrophic dog bite attack, a plaintiff could recover compensation for:

  • Recurring pain, such as phantom limb
  • Lost enjoyment of life’s pleasures and one’s family
  • Current and future medical expenses, including surgeries and rehabilitation
  • The loss of the ability to work in one’s profession and for lost wages while recovering up to the maximum medical limit
  • Emotional trauma and anguish from being disfigured or disabled and the psychological impact of reliving the attack, which could lead to post-traumatic stress disorder

Not all attacks are deemed actionable if the injured party provoked a dog or threatened the owner and the dog was protecting them. A seasoned Southlake catastrophic dog bite attorney could review a recent attack and determine if it could be an actionable case.

Criminal Charges after a Catastrophic Dog Bite Attack

Catastrophic dog bites could also lead to criminal negligence felony charges under Texas Health and Safety Code § 822.005. Prosecutors consider whether dog owners failed to control their dangerous dogs, leading to severe harm or a deadly injury to another individual. The dog in question could be put down when this happens, and the owner could be charged with a second- or third-degree felony, depending on whether the attack is fatal. A knowledgeable Southlake lawyer could review the circumstances of a catastrophic dog bite attack and determine whether criminal charges may be appropriate in addition to a civil claim.

Call a Southlake Catastrophic Dog Bite Attorney To Advocate for You

Dog bites are scary, but when they result in catastrophic injuries, the impact could be truly devastating. Learning that you may have to live with lifelong consequences—such as disfigurement, loss of limbs, or a loss of sight—can be disheartening. You need an experienced attorney to advocate for you and all you are enduring.

Reach out to a Southlake catastrophic dog bite lawyer today. They could help you pursue comprehensive compensation when another person does not control their dog and it attacks you. Call now to get started on your legal claim.