Southlake Dog Bite Lawyer

Like most of the country, many people in the Southlake area have a fond relationship with their pets. Many residents enjoy coming home to a happy dog greeting them with a fast-wagging tail. Unfortunately, not all interactions with dogs end up happy. Sometimes, dogs bite people and cause them serious harm.

When a dog attacks and bites you or your loved one, you probably have many questions; a Southlake dog bite lawyer could help you answer them. A hardworking injury attorney could also help you pursue financial compensation from the dog’s owner or the person responsible for caring for the animal.

Why Do Dog Bites Occur?

While most dogs are friendly, even the happiest family dog can attack someone under certain circumstances. Some dogs, particularly young puppies, get too excited when they play and sometimes bite or nip a person too hard. When dogs are scared, hurt, startled, or threatened, they might bite someone to protect themselves or their owners.

All dogs need socialization or training to not react negatively around people. Some dogs are more prone to biting than others. For example, breeds like Pit Bulls and Dobermans are more apt to attack someone than golden retrievers. Any traumatic experience can also cause a dog to react to certain stimuli, such as slammed doors, thunder, or people yelling.

No matter how “good” a dog is, it can bite when provoked. Sadly, children are frequently the victims of dog attacks. Even the sweetest dogs lash out or lunge at a child who pulls its tail or taunts it. Bites to a child cause the most damage because of their small stature and lack of ability to defend themselves.

Diligent attorneys in Southlake could look into the circumstances of a domestic canine attack to learn why it happened and see who is to blame.

Relevant Southlake Dog Attack Rules

Unfortunately, Texas is not the most favorable of states to survivors of animal attacks. Instead, Texas follows a one-bite rule, meaning that a dog owner or caretaker is not generally liable for the losses sustained in a dog attack unless the dog has a prior history of biting. Essentially, Texas gives dog owners one free bite. When a dog suddenly bites someone out of the blue, the dog’s owner is usually not liable. To prevail in a legal claim against a dog’s owner or handler on the one-bite rule, the owner must have some knowledge that their pet is dangerous.

Even when the dog does not have aggressive tendencies or a history of biting people, a hardworking lawyer in Southlake might be able to help. The legal representative could help an animal attack survivor prove that the owner or handler failed to use reasonable care in controlling their pet.

Call a Dog Bite Lawyer in Southlake For Help With Your Case

Dog bites can leave both physical and emotional wounds. After a dog bite, you might have to look at the physical scars on your body in the mirror for the rest of your life. You might need multiple surgeries to improve your appearance. Sadly, some scars are permanent. Similarly, emotional scars can be long-lasting. You might find it difficult to walk into a park or even into a friend’s house when they have a dog. You might need to work with therapists to address your fear of dogs. All these medical and therapy visits can be exorbitantly expensive.

Fortunately, a Southlake dog bite lawyer could help you seek a damages award that would get you access to the best possible care. Call our legal team members today to begin discussing your claim.