Damages in Southlake Dog Bite Cases

Dog bites can range from minor to life-threatening. A knowledgeable dog bite attorney is essential for assessing what kinds of damages you may be entitled to, as underestimating them or accepting a lowball settlement offer will leave you without the necessary funds for ongoing medical, psychological, and rehabilitative care.

Children and senior citizens tend to be especially vulnerable in the event of an animal attack, but anyone can suffer serious injuries in these situations. Our legal team is available to speak with you and help you pursue fair damages in a Southlake dog bite case.

Types of Dog Bite Injuries

Dogs bite for various reasons, including when they are afraid, protecting their territory, or tired of being pestered. Playful nips may heal on their own after cleaning and bandaging them, but other bite injuries can be catastrophic, including:

  • Broken bones
  • Internal organ damage
  • Loss of fingers, ears, and noses
  • Paralyzing injuries if a dog attacks the neck area, particularly a child’s
  • Amputation when blood vessel and tissue damage cannot be repaired
  • Psychological damages such as post-traumatic stress disorder

Severe injuries require a long recovery. Often, people are unable to work, losing much-needed paychecks. Experienced Southlake attorneys know how to factor lost wages into a fair damages award after a serious dog bite.

Available Damages in a Dog Bite Case

An injury claim for a dog bite can be based on either “negligence” or “strict liability.” A dog owner is considered negligent if they do not contain and manage their dog properly, falling below what a reasonable person would do and causing foreseeable injuries to someone else. Strict liability applies if the owner’s dog is a repeat offender and classified as a dangerous animal. A dog owner does not need to be found negligent if strict liability applies.

Juries decide how much plaintiffs should be compensated for losses by awarding economic and non-economic damages. Economic damages account for calculable expenses such as lost wages and medical care. Non-economic damages place a dollar amount on:

  • Suffering
  • Disfigurement
  • Recurrent pain
  • Loss of consortium
  • Psychological trauma
  • Loss of the enjoyment of life

In the Texas Civil Practice and Remedies Code § 41.001(5), exemplary or punitive damages are awarded in addition to compensatory damages to dissuade the dog owner from repeating a grossly negligent or malicious act that injures the plaintiff. A Southlake lawyer could review the circumstances of a particular dog bite case and calculate an appropriate damages award.

Wrongful Death Damages

Unfortunately, some dog bites are so extreme that the injuries can be fatal. In such cases, victims’ families might be entitled to compensation by filing a wrongful death lawsuit.

Generally, legal heirs can file a suit to recover medical expenses caused by the dog bite, as well as:

  • Emotional trauma
  • Lost financial support
  • Funeral and burial expenses
  • Loss of companionship and consortium

Anyone in Southlake who has lost a loved one to a dog bite should work with a seasoned attorney to pursue the damages they deserve.

A Southlake Attorney Could Seek Fair Damages in Dog Bite Cases

Dog bites can be distressing and psychologically frightening experiences, often resulting in severe injuries and sometimes death. If a neighbor’s dog or a dog on the loose bites you, you can seek justice in civil court. Juries can award a variety of damages to compensate you and punish the dog’s owner if the circumstances are particularly egregious.

Sit down with one of our attorneys to learn about your options regarding damages in Southlake dog bite cases. Our team is dedicated to making things right for you.