Liability in Colleyville Bus Accident Cases

Negligence holds that anyone who directly causes an auto accident by acting recklessly behind the wheel can be held financially accountable for any injuries and losses they cause. This principle applies just as much to bus accidents as it does to any other type of traffic collision, and it even extends to some situations other than wrecks, like a bus driver braking too hard and causing a passenger to fall out of their seat.

That said, establishing liability in Colleyville bus accident cases can be complicated in practice, particularly if there were multiple vehicles involved. A knowledgeable bus accident attorney could help figure out who holds the blame for a specific incident and pursue compensation for your damages.

Holding a Bus Company “Vicariously Liable” for a Crash

A bus driver who causes a traffic accident while impaired or distracted or otherwise acting irresponsibly behind the wheel is mainly at fault for ensuing injuries. However, there is a difference between being directly to blame for a bus accident in Colleyville and being legally liable for its consequences. Therefore, it’s often possible to hold a bus company or public transit service responsible for injuries caused by one of their drivers.

Under the legal doctrine of respondent superior, a company that employs a negligent employee can be held “vicariously liable” for injuries caused by that employee’s misconduct, even if the company itself did nothing to cause those injuries directly. This can be crucial to recovering damages for long-term injuries because bus operating entities typically have more assets for compensation.

What If a Third Party Is Responsible for the Bus Wreck?

Alternatively, another person’s negligence could cause the bus accident rather than that of the driver. For example, if a bus driver advances lawfully into an intersection with a green light and gets T-boned by another driver running a red light, that other driver would almost certainly be the only one both at fault for the crash and legally liable for its consequences.

In another scenario, liability for a bus collision in Colleyville may lie with someone who was not directly involved in the crash itself. For example, if a mechanic did not ensure the bus was in good working order or a manufacturer provided defective bus components, either person would be deemed negligent. Sorting out exactly who holds the blame for a specific incident and taking effective legal action against all of them is one of many things a lawyer could assist with.

Speak to a Colleyville Attorney About Liability in Bus Accident Cases

Even if it seems obvious to you who is at fault for causing your accident-related injury, the question of who holds liability for your ensuing losses may not have a straightforward answer. In fact, determining who should be held financially accountable for an injury is typically one of the most contentious parts of a personal injury lawsuit, especially one potentially involving large companies or government entities.

Guidance from a knowledgeable legal professional can make a difference in how efficiently you can establish liability in Colleyville bus accident cases and what kind of money you can recover as a result. Call today to schedule an initial consultation.