Mistakes to Avoid After a Colleyville Bus Accident

Getting hurt in an accident involving a commercial or public bus can be stressful under any circumstances, and especially if you expect your injuries will take a long time to heal or never fully heal at all. That said, it can be vital to be as calm and proactive as possible about enforcing your legal rights in the hours, days, and weeks following an incident like this, since you will only get one chance to demand the restitution you deserve for your losses.

A big part of handling this sort of situation well is knowing what not to do on top of what you should be doing to strengthen your civil claim, and those are both things a skilled bus accident attorney could provide crucial assistance with. In the meantime, though, here are some basic mistakes to avoid after a Colleyville bus accident that might otherwise severely impede your pursuit of civil restitution.

Being Unable to Prove Involvement in the Accident

This might seem like a simple and obvious tip, but a surprising number of Colleyville bus accident lawsuits get tripped up at the first hurdle because the injured person cannot definitively prove they were on the bus in question when the accident actually happened. On top of immediately reporting any injury suffered on a bus to the bus driver no matter how small it seems to be at the time, it is also important to save documentary evidence like ticket stubs which can support a claim that a bus operating entity should be liable for an injury impacting a paying customer.

Failing to Get Professional Medical Attention Quickly

Along similar lines, medical reports detailing exactly what kind of trauma someone sustained through an accident involving a bus can be essential to recovering fairly for losses caused by that incident. Beyond that, it is also important to seek medical care immediately after a wreck just to make sure that there were no serious injuries from it that have not yet produced noticeable symptoms since injuries like that can often get much worse very quickly if they are not addressed promptly.

Not Following Through With Medical Treatment

With relatively few exceptions, no injury from a bus accident in Colleyville will be completely healed by the time the injured person leaves their doctor’s office or even a hospital where they received inpatient care. This means it is vital for people who get hurt in these sorts of wrecks to follow all their doctor’s instructions and keep up with the recovery process at home—not just to make sure they avoid long-term physical harm, but also to prove to an insurance company or defense attorney later on that their injuries were as bad as they claim.

Talking Too Much About the Accident

If that last suggestion makes it sound like insurance adjusters and the like will use any possible excuse to deny an injured person the compensation they deserve, that is because they almost always will. On that note, even a seemingly innocuous statement on social media about a traumatic bus accident could be used against an injured person later on, so keeping quiet in public is typically a good idea when it comes to maximizing civil recovery.

A Colleyville Attorney Can Go into More Detail About Mistakes to Avoid After a Bus Accident

Of course, every bus accident claim is unique, and the best course of action for seeking civil recovery from this sort of wreck will be slightly different for each person. In general, though, avoiding the mistakes mentioned above can be key to getting the best possible case result following a Colleyville bus accident, as can getting help from seasoned legal counsel.

If you were hurt by the negligence of a bus driver or bus company, our capable attorneys could make sure your case is as airtight and error-free as possible. Contact our team today to learn more.