Dump Truck Accidents in Colleyville

Dump trucks perform an important service to the community, allowing debris and other loose materials to be transported away and disposed of. However, these massive trucks can be a danger to other motor vehicles on the road when they are not operated safely. An accident with a dump truck could be devastating, leading to significant property damage, serious injuries, and even death.

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Laws Relating to Dump Trucks in Texas

In Texas, dump trucks are regulated by the Texas Department of Public Safety, which has a set of Commercial Vehicle Enforcement (CVE) laws. There are also state and local laws related to transporting loose materials. If a dump truck operator or company is found in violation of any of these laws, it would imply liability in a related personal injury action.

An experienced Colleyville dump truck wreck attorney could advise what laws apply based on the facts of a case. They could also review vehicle maintenance records and operator logs to see if any corners were cut in the maintenance or operation of the dump truck. Any of this could serve as evidence in a dump truck accident case.

Who Is Responsible?

Sometimes, dump trucks are owned and operated by independent contractors. Other times, operators are employed by a company that owns a fleet of dump trucks. Local municipalities and government agencies may have dump trucks they operate independently or license to independent contractors. The circumstances can vary from place to place. Because identifying defendants in a case is essential to collecting damages, an investigation may be needed.

A qualified and dedicated Colleyville dump truck collision lawyer could assist with this investigation, which may involve tasks such as:

  • Reviewing photo and video evidence
  • Scrutinizing the police report and witness statements
  • Conducting new interviews
  • Consulting with experts
  • Recreating the accident
  • Referencing medical reports and local laws

This can be a time-intensive and detailed process, necessitating the experience and knowledge a lawyer could provide.

Damages in Dump Truck Crash Cases

Two types of compensatory damages are available to dump truck accident victims in Colleyville: economic damages (items with a financial value, such as medical bills, property damage, and lost wages and earning potential) and non-economic damages (more general harms, such as pain and suffering and loss of consortium). In particularly egregious cases, Texas also allows for exemplary or punitive damages.

Our attorneys have the experience and data to value a case and calculate damages. Defense counsel and insurance representatives have this data, too. Plaintiffs who go it alone are at a disadvantage without this information. Getting the damages number right is important since there is no second chance at recovery after a judgment is issued or a settlement is signed.

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