Evidence in Colleyville Truck Accident Cases

In today’s world, when accidents happen—especially motor vehicle accidents—there is likely to be plenty of evidence. There are traffic and security cameras everywhere, including in people’s homes. Not to mention people with smartphones, ready to turn their cameras on if anything remotely interesting happens. On top of this, motor vehicles are more equipped than ever to store data about vehicle performance and maintenance.

But it takes work to acquire all this evidence and turn it into a case to hold someone liable for damages. One of our proactive 18-wheeler collision lawyers could assist with the investigation required to obtain evidence in Colleyville truck accident cases. They could also handle other important services, such as arguing your case in court or negotiating for a payout with the insurers on your behalf.

Gathering Evidence in a Truck Wreck Case

Obtaining security camera footage can involve a lot of paperwork and bureaucracy. The same is true for smartphone photos and videos. While most accidents have an associated police report and witness statements, it may also be necessary to conduct new interviews to answer questions that were not covered at the scene.

Additionally, evidence could be obtained by consulting with experts, recreating the accident, and referencing medical reports and applicable laws. These are all tasks that a dedicated Colleyville truck crash lawyer’s experience makes them perfectly suited for. Proving who is liable for an accident is crucial to obtaining fair compensation for your losses.

Multiple Liable Parties

In a case involving a commercial truck, there could be several liable parties. The trucking company, truck driver, or parts manufacturer could be responsible, depending on how the accident occurred. Additionally, the local municipality or government agency tasked with maintaining the roads could be to blame. Whatever the investigation reveals, the more defendants in a case, the greater one’s chances of recovering damages. So, identifying potential defendants can be an important component of a case.

A qualified Colleyville truck wreck lawyer could assist with this process and also with calculating a plaintiff’s damages in a case. Opposing counsel and insurance representatives have access to this data; without it, a plaintiff can be at a distinct disadvantage. Getting the damages number right is important, as there is no second chance after a judgment is issued or a settlement is reached.

Damages Available in Truck Crash Cases

Florida allows for two types of compensatory damages—economic and non-economic. Economic damages cover items that bear concrete costs, such as medical bills, lost wages and earning potential, and property damage. Non-economic damages are for more general harms, such as pain and suffering, loss of enjoyment of life, and loss of consortium.

A well-practiced legal professional could advise what damages to ask for based on the facts of a case. They could also negotiate for a payout in line with this number with the insurance companies on an injured party’s behalf. In cases where a defendant’s behavior was particularly egregious, the lawyer may even be able to ask for punitive damages. Punitive damages are limited to three times the amount of compensatory damages.

Contact a Colleyville Truck Accident Attorney for Help Collecting Evidence in Your Case

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