Colleyville Truck Accident Settlements

Truck accidents routinely result in serious, debilitating, and even life-threatening injuries. When you are hurt in a crash due to an act of negligence, you might be entitled to compensation. When there is little doubt that the other party is at fault, they might reach an agreement with you that results in the monetary award you deserve.

Unfortunately, negotiating Colleyville truck accident settlements is rarely simple. Even when there is no doubt who was at fault, insurance companies can drag the process out for months or longer. It is important to have the support of a skilled truck crash attorney throughout this process.

What Factors Impact a Settlement?

Unique factors can ultimately determine the amount of a financial settlement after a Colleyville truck accident. Some of these issues might make a claim more valuable, while others could limit what the injured party is able to recover. Some examples include the following:

Severity of Injuries

The extent of a motorist’s injuries is arguably the most important factor to consider. This is because most of the types of available damages are directly related to an injured person’s health. The severity of these injuries can impact the cost of medical care, a person’s pain and suffering, or their ability to earn a living as they recover.

Liability Disputes

One of the most important issues that can alter the value of a truck accident settlement is the question of liability. If the other side agrees they are at fault, the primary issue is what the claim is actually worth. If there is a dispute over liability, the insurance company might not offer a settlement at all.

Extent of Property Damage

A person’s bodily injuries only make up part of their claim for compensation. Given the devastating impact that commercial trucks can cause, most injured people also have viable property damage claims to consider.

The extent to which property damage impacts a person’s settlement will depend largely on whether or not the vehicle was a total loss. If the vehicle cannot be repaired or doing so would be prohibitively expensive, the insurance company might agree to pay to replace it entirely.

When Are Truck Settlements Usually Resolved?

There is no blueprint for how long settlement negotiations might take following a Colleyville truck accident. There are times when resolving these cases can happen in short order. There are also situations where it can take years for the two parties to get on the same page.

The earliest opportunity is early in the claim process when the injured person sends something known as a demand letter. This written communication spells out the theory of negligence and generally offers to give up any right to file a lawsuit in exchange for a specific dollar amount.

Not all cases settle immediately after the demand is received. While negotiations can lead to an agreement before litigation becomes necessary, it is common for discussions between each side to kick into high gear after a person files a lawsuit.

There is often no formal time limit for bringing a case to an end this way. In fact, many settlements are reached immediately before a trial is set to begin.

Talk to an Attorney in Colleyville About Truck Accident Settlements

When you are considering legal action after a commercial vehicle crash, you might be able to resolve your claim by negotiating with the responsible party. Getting the best possible outcome for Colleyville truck accident settlements could rest on finding the right legal counsel to support a lawsuit. Call today for a private consultation.