First Steps to Take After a Colleyville Truck Accident

Everything you do in the aftermath of a commercial vehicle accident can impact your future. That includes not only the potential for recovering from your injuries but also the chances of securing financial compensation from the at-fault driver.

If you have questions about the first steps to take after a Colleyville truck accident, a dedicated lawyer could have the answers. Pursuing legal action with the help of a semi crash attorney could result in the outcome you deserve, especially if you take care to protect yourself and your rights.

Move Away From Danger

Before doing anything else, the best first step after a truck crash in Colleyville is to avoid the risk of additional collisions. This usually means moving the vehicles out of the roadway whenever possible. In addition to blocking traffic, cars that remain on the road are at an increased risk of being struck by other drivers who fail to recognize the hazard until it is too late.

In situations where the vehicle cannot be moved, it is usually safest to exit the vehicle and remain on the shoulder of the road or highway. Waiting at this location until law enforcement arrives could prevent further injuries.

Notify Law Enforcement

Calling the police and informing them of a truck crash in Colleyville is more than just highly recommended—it is often required by law to take this step first. Reporting an accident is mandatory when it involves bodily injuries, death, or major property damage. One or more of these factors is often present when it comes to truck crashes.

In addition to letting the police know about the accident, it is also important to remain at the scene until they arrive. Law enforcement will make a report, and speaking with them provides an opportunity to make sure they have the details right.

Seek Medical Care as Needed

For an injured person, the top priority following a commercial vehicle collision should be their health. That is why an important first step to take after a truck crash in Colleyville is seeking medical help as soon as it is needed.

This can mean leaving the scene immediately in an ambulance following a severe injury. The law allows a person to be transported to a medical facility without waiting for the police to arrive when they need emergency care.

It is a good idea to talk to a physician as soon as possible, even when an injury does not appear to be critical. Often, these conditions can worsen in the hours and days after a truck collision.

Avoid Discussing the Facts

When it comes to the first steps to take after a semi wreck in Colleyville, sometimes the best thing a person can do is remain silent. While drivers have an obligation to exchange insurance information, there is no requirement that they talk about the facts of the accident.

Any discussion of the collision—especially who was at fault—could come back to haunt an injured person. Anything said might be misconstrued or taken out of context as an admission. In some cases, insurance companies might deny a claim based on the statements a driver makes at the scene.

Talk to a Truck Crash Attorney in Colleyville After Taking These First Steps

When it comes to protecting your legal rights, no first step after a Colleyville truck accident is more important than speaking with legal counsel. An experienced lawyer could advise you of your options and help you seek compensation for your injuries. Reach out right away for a private consultation.