Truck Accidents Caused by Unsafe Lane Changes in Colleyville

Navigating the highways can be challenging, especially when you share the road with large commercial trucks. When the drivers of these enormous vehicles carelessly change lanes near you, collisions can be unavoidable.

If you were hurt in a truck accident caused by unsafe lane changes in Colleyville, you could be entitled to compensation. Proving that the truck operator was negligent might be more challenging than you realize. A skilled truck crash attorney could help you build a winning civil claim.

What to do After a Crash

There are many important steps to consider in the aftermath of a truck crash. When a driver in Colleyville is struck by a commercial vehicle making an unsafe lane change, their first step should be to safely come to a stop on the side of the road. Other important steps include:

  • Notifying law enforcement
  • Seeking necessary medical treatment
  • Avoiding discussing fault with the truck driver
  • Exchanging insurance information
  • Talking to a lawyer

Establishing Fault After an Unsafe Lane Change

There are times when the negligent driver in Colleyville will refuse to accept they were at fault for a truck accident caused by an unsafe lane change. In some instances, they might be less than honest about exactly what happened. It is not enough for a driver to know what led to the accident, as they will also need to prove it in order to recover compensation for their injuries.

Different forms of evidence are often used to prove that an unsafe lane change occurred. The most common type of proof in these cases is testimony from the plaintiff regarding what led to the crash. However, many judges and juries need more details from impartial sources. Examples could include:

  • Dashcam footage of the collision
  • Eye-witness accounts
  • Testimony from accident reconstruction experts
  • Traffic camera footage
  • Admissions by the defendant
  • Phone records that prove the truck operator was distracted
  • Photographs of the damaged vehicles

Each of these pieces of evidence could make a strong case for negligence.

Recoverable Damages After a Truck Collision

By building a strong case for negligence, it is possible to recover a monetary award following an unsafe lane change truck wreck in Colleyville. Some types of compensation in these cases could include the following:

Medical Expenses

Costly medical bills can lead to a sudden and unexpected mountain of debt following a truck crash. By prevailing in a civil lawsuit, it is possible for an injured person to recover a monetary award based on these costly treatments.

Pain and Suffering

Serious injuries often bring crippling, chronic pain. It is fair to be compensated because this sensation would not have occurred without the careless actions of the negligent driver. While a person’s pain is subjective, it could be possible to show a jury what the claim is worth.

Lost Wages

It is common for someone hurt in a truck crash to miss work while they recover. This can lead to a person missing out on their primary source of income for weeks or months. Successfully pursuing a lawsuit against the truck driver could make it possible to recoup these lost wages.

Talk to an Attorney in Colleyville About Unsafe Lane Change Truck Accidents

When you have been injured in a truck accident caused by unsafe lane changes in Colleyville, you deserve justice. Instead of pursuing compensation on your own, it could be in your best interest to speak with legal counsel about your options. Reach out right away for a confidential consultation.