Euless Overweight Truck Accident Lawyer

A variety of rules govern the safe and efficient operation of tractor-trailers and other commercial vehicles. One of the most important of these rules is the one that concerns maximum allowable weights. This value is connected to the number of axels that a vehicle contains, and drivers who violate these rules can face severe penalties.

Additionally, driving an overweight truck significantly increases the chances for a trucker to lose control. An overweight tractor-trailer can increase stopping times, cause a truck to jackknife, or result in a rollover. Any of these scenarios can place the lives of other travelers in jeopardy.

If you or a loved one were injured in a big rig crash due to the negligence of another, a Euless overweight truck accident lawyer could advocate on your behalf and help you seek compensation for damages. A seasoned truck accident attorney could investigate the weight of a truck at the time of the collision to determine if the driver was violating any federal or local laws.

Laws Concerning Maximum Vehicle Weights

The safe operation of commercial vehicles requires drivers to follow all the rules of the road. These include laws such as speeding, proper lane changes, and yielding that affect all vehicles. However, there are also some special rules that govern commercial vehicles.

Especially important are those that mandate maximum allowable weights. These weights include the mass of the truck itself as well as the cargo that it carries. According to the United States Department of Transportation, a single-axel commercial vehicle traveling on an interstate cannot weigh more than 20,000 pounds. This limit increases to 34,000 on tandem-axel vehicles. In no case can a vehicle weigh more than 80,000 pounds, regardless of the number of axels. Additionally, local laws and regulations may change these numbers for state highways and smaller roads. A skilled Euless overweight truck accident attorney could help to discover a truck’s weight and whether it violated any relevant federal or local laws.

When is a Truck Being Overweight a Factor in an Accident Claim?

The federal laws that control maximum vehicle weights exist for a reason. Not only do these laws serve to limit damage to road surfaces, but they also help to decrease the chances of collisions. Overweight trucks are slower to stop in an emergency. In addition, an overweight tractor-tractor could cause the vehicle to roll over or jackknife leaving other drivers with no chance to avoid a crash.

Determining the weight and size of a truck can play a major role in a claim for damages. In all accident cases, the burden falls to the injured plaintiff to prove defendant negligence. This typically involves an evaluation of the actions of all parties before the crash. However, evidence that a truck was overweight can be potent evidence in these cases. The law uses a concept called negligence per se if a defendant was violating a law at the time of an accident. This means that a conviction in traffic court for a moving violation, such as being overweight, allows a civil court to assume defendant fault. An experienced Euless overweight truck accident attorney could help to track cases in traffic court to determine if a conviction there may be evidence in a civil claim.

Let a Euless Overweight Truck Accident Lawyer Fight for the Case

Fewer vehicles on the road are more dangerous than overweight trucks. Not only are these vehicles slower to stop in an emergency, but their massive weight can cause them to flip or jackknife. The resulting accidents can inflict life-changing physical injuries, severe emotional traumas, and harsh economic losses.

Fortunately, a negligent trucker and their employer could be held liable for all damages and injuries. A Euless overweight truck accident lawyer could investigate the cause of the collision and help you hold the reckless party accountable for their actions. Schedule a consultation today to discuss your case.