Euless Jackknife Truck Accident Lawyer

Trucks, tractor-trailers or big rigs have a dominant presence on the road. These humongous vehicles serve a vital function in transporting goods around the country. Unfortunately, these vehicles are also a leading cause of accidents that result in serious injuries. One particularly dangerous aspect of commercial vehicles is their tendency to jackknife. This involves situations where a driver comes to a sudden stop but is unable to prevent their trailers or cargo from sliding out into neighboring lanes. Jackknifing can leave other drivers with no opportunity to avoid a collision.

Following a tractor-trailer collision, it is best to seek help from a Euless jackknife truck accident lawyer. They can work to explain the causes of jackknifing incidents and help you prove the defendant’s negligence in court. Let a knowledgeable truck accident attorney help you seek compensation for damages.

What is Jackknifing?

A jackknife is a common phenomenon that can affect tractor-trailers and other large commercial vehicles that are hauling cargo. In short, these vehicles weigh multiple tons and cannot come to an immediate stop during highspeed travel. If a driver is forced to press on their brakes, the cab may stop quickly, but momentum may force the trailer to continue moving forward. This momentum can push that trailer into neighboring lanes.

It is clear why this can be a major problem. Other drivers, even if they have adequate time to try and avoid a collision, may have nowhere to go to avoid a swinging trailer. Many of these crashes impart their impact at the head and shoulder height, leaving plaintiffs with severe brain damage or neck injuries. A skilled Euless jackknife truck accident attorney could work to explain the causes of these incidents and to help calculate the injured claimant’s damages.

Proving Fault in Jackknife Truck Accidents

The fact that an injury was the result of a jackknife incident does not automatically implicate a trucker as the party responsible for the incident. While truckers should retain sufficient control over their vehicles to prevent an accident from occurring, an act of negligence could still occur. In the State of Texas, when determining liability, the courts will review the of both parties involved per Texas Civil Practice and Remedies Code §33.003. For example, the defendants may argue that a plaintiff was following too close behind the truck, was traveling in a blind spot, or that the plaintiff was distracted and did not stop in time to avoid the collision.

If the plaintiff is found to be more than 50 percent at fault, then the court may dismiss the case and the injured claimant may be ineligible to recover compensation for damages. A knowledgeable Euless jackknife truck accident attorney could help to build claims against negligent tractor-trailer collision to prove their negligence.

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Jackknife accidents occur often and can cause devastating damages. Whenever a trucker needs to come to a sudden stop, there is a chance that their trailer can swing out into other lanes leaving other travelers with no opportunity to escape. This can result in life-altering injuries that inflict physical harm, emotional trauma, and economic losses.

A Euless jackknife truck accident lawyer may be able to help injured individuals recover compensation for damages. Reach out to Euless jackknife truck accident lawyer today to discuss your case.